9 Feb 2015

The Efforts And The Failure In This Insane World That We Inhabit To Uphold Or To Destroy The Insanity Labels Saddled On Us Perfectly Healthy Ones. …

Those labels are just that: labels without any significance in the world of our Father. So, actually, those labels do not need to be upheld or destroy in any way for the comfort of our carnal natures! Read on, think and carefully ponder that you may not falter there yonder!

From My Presence in My beloved Thia’s journal—A dialog between thia/Basilia and Master Yahuwah/ Yahushua!

Monday, February 09, 2015 at 4:17 am

In this world many of us are considered mentally ill, but, in the reality of our Father/Creator is the other way around…all those labels that the insane world that we inhabit has saddled on us are just that: labels without any significance in the world of our Father!

We are the gifted and perfectly healthy ones only labeled because of the colossal ignorance of the world at large.

So, the world labels on me from manic depressive, bipolar, schizophrenic and now somebody even mentioned ‘sociopath’ and ‘stalker’! Ha Ha HalleluYah!

For in the world of our Father those are the labels to qualify for the last to come first and for the mourners to laugh later!

Yeap! So, why should I bother with the efforts of this insane world to uphold and staunchly stick & refresh the glue on those labels at every turn of my way—twisting my harsh words & totally missing the treasure hidden beyond those harsh words?

In the other hand this world eagerly and passionately follows after whoever can express with beautiful words  the exact same values that I, with harsh words do express. …?

What is the reason & the difference between these two modes of communication? And why it has come to me to express these matters with such harsh & demeaning expressions that cause people to recoil in wrath & disdain causing me such pain?

Ah! The answer came to me only as I woke up earlier this morning! O but how clear I see, after carefully listening to Ms. June Hunt on several biblical answers to all of our life’s predicaments, memories came to life.

Memories? Yes, memories of my past finding an oasis in the biblical truth that Ms. June Hunt so beautifully applies to resolve the crucial issues in our lives—yes, I vividly recalled it all!

Moreover, I pondered and went further in my present observation on the effective & powerful results that Ms. June Hunt’s teachings have in our society.

And I wondered and reflected as to why such amazing & productive results of Ms. June Hunt’s teachings has not made a dent in this world sinking deeper & deeper dragging along the same beautiful ones that follow after Ms. June Hunt’s teachings?

As I said, the answer came to me only as I woke up earlier this morning! Why? Why these wonderful & beautiful teachings are becoming of no effect at this crucial time of the age of mankind?

Simply and plainly biblically stated the reason is because, without a shadow of a doubt, these teachings are appropriated by the carnal self—the flesh nature innate in all of us!

O but how well I now know such matter in retrospect as I see myself and recollect and inspect with much reverence the work of our Father within my being! What am I talking about?

Let me quickly and briefly explain my personal situation at the onset of my Christian journey. At that time I had my own Ms. June Hunt only her name Frances differs from June.

Frances was my June Hunt—always biblically and beautifully assertive in the written words, Frances was my lifesaver for many years … until…swooft! Such prop my Father yanked from under my feet leaving me totally perplexed for quite a bit of time.

Then, the voice of my Father came clear to my ears: “That was your last idol that you were placing ahead of Me!” and I was set free!

Free? Free from what? Free from the tyranny of my own carnal self—the carnal self that in former times was nourished and upheld against the truth to set us free by the same beautiful assertive biblical words that I chose to live by instead of letting the Son set me free! John 8:32-40

For heaven’s sake woman, what are you talking about? I am talking about John 8:32-40. What is the truth to set us free? The truth is that the carnal self that is comprised of our will, mind, emotions and physical make up, that carnal self, profits nothing!

No matter what biblical principles or otherwise principles we apply to it—the carnal self must be put to death daily not by our own power but by the power of the Spirit of our Father within us! Romans 8:7-18.

The trouble is that with all of those passages of Scriptures, we adapt them to our way of thinking and feeling and totally bypassing and ignoring the ‘IF’ in such passages, we assume exactly what we are not to assume.

We assume that we are living by the Spirit when in fact we are only living by what we understand the Spirit to be. And for that reason we remain carnal and foolish like the Corinthians & the Galatians!

Moreover my friends, this ought not to be, but, I do not of my own have any answers or advise on what it is to be.

And for that reason because I or anyone else have not the answers for the colossal mess in our present lives, our loving Father/Creator is now declaring the appointed time for His intervention.

Thus to demonstrate this matter, our Father/Creator is raising up His mouth pieces for the present time at the threshold of the end of time.

In addition, and in His unfathomable wisdom, our Father/Creator is placing His mouth pieces strategically, thus, He has set yours truly in this Blogging 101 for the only purpose and aim to demonstrate His work in my daily interchange with Him recorded in the journal published in this blog!

May all profit for the honor & esteem of the Almighty Father/Creator of our beings! His honor not mine is the desire in my heart!

His love in my heart for all, thia/Basilia

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