Belief Or Relationship? …What’s the Purpose of my Life?

The Topic For This Post …

What This Post Shall Be About? …

Who knows right now? Monday, October 23, 2023, at 1:33 am, I posted, Where did it all Begin around 1 am today. I had a hard time putting that post together. I had a hard time with everything yesterday. It’s quite frustrating to keep making the same mistakes over & over again. Not only with the post but also, I mess up the soup by adding cayenne pepper to it when I know that cayenne pepper triggers my itching & pain.

  • Perhaps today I can make progress overcoming such old habits, I pray it is something of a reality in my new perspective of life.
  • After all, I can achieve incredible things.   My thoughts are a source of inspiration and creativity.  
  • What else is new?
  • Creating new memories and acknowledging the ones from the past.
  • Monday, October 23, 2023, at 2:00 am, breaktime.
  • Monday, October 23, 2023, at 3:03 am.
  • Well? I got caught up in the kitchen, that’s encouraging.
  • Next thing there is to do is to take care of the soup.
  • I shall try now to drink my coffee, hopefully it won’t upset my belly.
  • I must learn to think, to reconsider things before I act.

What now? …

It’s now Monday, October 23, 2023, at 4:44 am. I feel good, no itch, no pain. Will try some more sleep. Slept until after 7 am. An array of could be decisions and the thing to do for me keep popping up in my mind. But I hear that lovely voice within telling me,

  • “It’s easy for you to succeed.  
  • Believe in your capabilities.  
  • You can heal and get better.  
  • You are attracted to the things that make you happy.  
  • And you are beginning to look forward to waking up every morning. …
  • Nothing can stop you now to fulfill your purpose of your life I have set in the plan I have in mind for you.”
  • The plan in Your mind for me, what that would be?
  • On my way to look for that record.

Record Found …

I found the record where the purpose of my life is stated, an excerpt from Welcome to my Life, as it is as it was come to mind.


September 3/85, You alone are my God and my Lord and in You do I put my trust. To You my Lord I yield my spirit, soul and body, do unto me as it is Your will. Thank You Lord that You made me willing to turn to You. Thank You Lord that You showed me my sin and caused me to repent. Thank You Lord that You made provision with Your blood to take away my sin. Thank You Lord for taking me to the Cross with You and delivering me from my self. Thank You Lord that you made provision to deliver my mind from the grip of Satan. Thank You Lord for Your bountiful blessings.

September 5/85, As I walk in the Promise Land of the Born Again, I surrender willingly to my Lord. These words are easier said than done. With pride I shouted those words and in good faith I thought that I was doing just that.

Then my blessed Lord stepped in and in gentleness said, “Thia, Thia, Satan has desire to have you, to sift you; but I have prayed for you that when you come back, you will strengthen the brethren.”

Strengthen The Brethren …?

Am I or have I been strengthening the brethren? Ha! Now I know how to use the graphic that popped in the Pinterest which so impressed me. My question clearly indicates that I have been doing so without me knowing that I am doing so like the graphic tells it is. Of       course, the graphic is about my attractiveness but it could well apply to everything I do including whether I am encouraging anyone or not.


Signs that you are super attractive and don’t know it

These signs indicate that you are super attractive, and you haven’t even realized it!

How many times have you looked in the mirror thinking you’re not pretty, forget about those terrible thoughts, these signs will help you realize how attractive you are, even if you think otherwise.

People are shocked when you confess that you have complexes and insecurities:

When people are in front of someone attractive, they take it for granted that they are super confident and their self-esteem is sky high, they just think they are confident in their attractiveness.

There you have it!

On my way to work on the cover for Broken to Serve which I’ll use in the next post. The next post? The MESSAGE, I think. Right now? Creating new memories in texting with Diana, quite a novelty for me. Back to the mill with a thrill. Monday, October 23, 2023, at 8:38 am. It’s now Monday, October 23, 2023, at 10:24 am. I have been busy collecting information to show me how to continue with this post. Breaking now.

  • Met Diana. Great opportunity to share.
  • She showed me her latest master’s pieces.
  • She loaded me up with goodies.
  • Back to my computer on Monday, October 23, 2023, at 11:09 am.
  • It surely is quite important to record these happenings to build our new beginnings.
  • And the above graphic is part of the memory of how my children tease me when I teasingly state that I am beautiful just looking for reassurance but inevitably I hear, ‘that’s debatable!’ Bless their hearts. 
  • But that is why I created that graphic for my own reassurance undependably on my children. 
  • And that was a good memory to record.

That Was a Good Memory We Created …

It surely is quite important to record these happenings to build our new beginnings. I have been working on the covers. It’s now Monday, October 23, 2023, at11:21 pm. Heading for bed. HalleluYah! I woke up singing around 5 am this morning on Tuesday, October 24, 2023. Did the usual, headed to fix a plain coffee cup but I added a chamomile bag. I danced in the kitchen. Came to the computer to record but instead I decided to check the goings on in the NET. I wound up reading my latest post, Where did it all Begin, and missed recording anything.

  • Tuesday, October 24, 2023, at 7:00 am.
  • My coffee is still too hot for my taste.
  • I will head now to fix my oatmeal and to check what goes on in my world in this wonderful place I am living in.
  • Tuesday, October 24, 2023, at 8:21 am.
  • Ready to begin whatever.

Three Books in The Series. One Published. Two To Go …

Here we go. Everything happens right on time.   I am accepting of others.   I tap into my inner greatness.   I welcome the unexpected.    I embrace the mysteries of life.   I say yes to a new development any day. Thus, it’s a wonderful way to live by.

  • Tuesday, October 24, 2023, at 10:08 am.
  • I finished with the graphics I am to use in this post.
  • How is this day developing?
  • Surprise like from my first viewer when I started blogging in 2006.
  • Will see what develops next.

Belief Or Relationship …What’s the Purpose of my Life. …The Topic For This Post …

I don’t believe in my parents, nor do my parents believe in me. The fact is that they exist and so do I. Moreover, is not a matter of belief it’s a matter of relationship. Also, a matter of existence. What if I deny my parents’ existence or what about if I don’t BELIEVE my parents exist? Does that negate the fact that I am related to my parents by way of my birth not by my belief?

  • Well? Here we go! The biggie of the times!
  • There is no God or Devil …
  • No right or wrong …
  • Only unconditional love …

Let’s Reconsider the Matter …

I get lost in the middle of all reasonable explanations. I see. Quite deeper than I would like to see, I see. The worse? I am to write and tell the righteous & the unrighteous of their error but! Thirty-seven years of doing so were beginning to wear me out. Suddenly! In a matter of moments, the weariness lifted giving way to what? My dreams come true. HalleluYah! I exclaimed as I swung my legs from under the cover to get up. Waiting for the coffee water to heat up I began to sing & dance!

When the Spirit of my Yah comes upon my head, I can dance, I can dance, I can dance like David danced …..!!!

Everything Happens Right On Time For Real …

Man! That’s the first time I felt like dancing for a long time. That happened around 5 am on Tuesday, October 24, 2023. It’s now Tuesday, October 24, 2023, at 2:25 pm. Lots of things have come to mind for me to say & do but I have refrained from saying or doing any of them. Instead, I have been reconsidering all those things. Ha! What a way to get rid of those subtle things that trigger a hilarious moment for me but annoying matter to others most of the time. Truly, everything happens right on time. When is time to share I always can share appropriately the way it should be.

  • But! It has been hard for me to adjust the time to stop my sharing.
  • Anyhow? I am on the way.
  • Trial & error my dear Homer G. McKeithan, Jr. Pastor would exhort me every time I would inquired on how to know the will of God.

Trial & Error? …

It’s quite interesting the things that trigger my direction to overcome troublesome matters like my overbearing. What is a trial? A state of pain or anguish that tests patience, endurance, or belief, in my case? The fiery trial through which I had to pass to get to where I am now. Interesting, isn’t it? But so that I blunder a little bit I can stop before people excuse themselves to go to the restroom! Hahaha! HalleluYah! There is hope for me.

  • Tuesday, October 24, 2023, at 5:57 pm.
  • Goodness’s sake! The time escaped me!
  • O well! I fixed and ate my supper and fixed a cup of coffee which has to cool off before I can drink it.
  • Diana surprised me with some goodies a couple of hours ago.
  • I have made progress formatting the post, but I still have ways to go.
  • Perhaps today I can find my way to set it all in the best reading form.
  • Without more ado let me close until the next post.
I'm an inspirational writer—in the daily journal of my life lived in the Presence of the Almighty Creator of our beings I write about Truth & Life: eternal as well as temporal life. I am not into any kind of religion, crusade, group or the likes at all! For no one can find Truth or Life eternal in such way. So I am blogging this matter in the journal of my life for all to see the reflection of both lives as I record the daily interchange between my Maker & I.

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