3 Nov 2015

This Will Be My Last Post For A Time. I Shall Return Posting At The Appointed Time.


A note before you read this last long post. Take your time.May the Spirit of our Father grant you that time & patience to carefully read this long last post for now.

I Quote, Not Debate Or Question The Scriptures Misnomer The Bible That I Quote, Why? Because, a good number of Bible quoters love to quote and apply the Scriptures to all matters of life but, they refuse to submit or only partially submit their beings unto the Almighty. In other words, so many dear souls get a taste of the Almighty Spirit of Father Yahuwah and…they take it from there. Suddenly, you’ll find these dear souls talking about the Spirit and walking by what their understanding of such. They remain carnal like the Corinthians & the Galatians. They love to debate and impose their beliefs, opinions or whatever to others and use the Scriptures to do so. That is not the basis for my quoting. My experience of such Scriptures is what I quote. Thanks for your understanding.

Sunday, November 1, 2015 at 5:37 am
Father, this is the month to mark the completion of 7 years since You sent me to Ahmad. Amazing seven years. In awe of Your doings in the past seven years, I hold my breath in expectancy of Your doings from this point on.
Sunday, November 1, 2015 at 7:29 am
Father, please, help me to get rid of this avalanche of rage that has descended on me because of what I consider to be dishonesty from Ahmad.
Father, You know that at the least indication of deceit & dishonesty from the people I trust, my whole being burns with anger! I simply cannot handle dishonesty even my own dishonesty! What am I to say to the culprit, to Ahmad when I have also been dishonest? I have no excuse!

“My child, I am well aware of Your present moment of rage. I saw it before it happened. So, why did I let you go through with your actions of what you consider as dishonesty?
Because My child, both of your actions have happened at My discretion to provide the necessary funds to prepare your apartment for your use.
Therefore, in the midst of your distress I brought to your remembrance My words to you only a few hours ago,

‘Fear not, there is nothing to fear. You have done well. There is no need for regret of any failure in the blogging world because there is nothing to regret.
Furthermore, do not despair because of the turmoil going on in Ahmad’s family as well as in all the families in this region of the world.
For this is My time to judge My children and call them to repent or turn around and away from their customs & traditions and learn My ways.
You have done well in delivering this message to all of My children through the waves of the Internet as well as to Ahmad.
It is time now for you to, actually, sit still as far as the task of delivering My message. It is time now for you to keep to yourself and wait on Me.’

Nevertheless, My child, the accuser ceased the opportunity to accuse you with the same Scriptures I engraved in your heart only a couple days ago throwing you into an state of self-condemnation.
Thus, you proceeded with your determination to refrain from talking to Ahmad. To that end, I allowed all things to take place as those things have taken place. Your determination has made an impression on Ahmad.
In addition, the whole incident caused you to react with such determination to heed My words to keep to yourself.
That is exactly the way it shall be. The way is paved for your success to die in the present and live in eternity above the cares of the present world. For the cares & concerns of this present world consume My beloved children at the moment.
Regardless, I will do a new thing to shake such cares & concerns from the core of My beloved children.
Only, continue your journey in My Presence. For I continue in My delight of your obedience even at the risk to be consider an insane old woman.
I delight in such obedience and My delight in your obedience is your strength.”

O my Father! What can I say? How can I express the awe engulfing my whole being at the moment? In silent I worship You!
Thanks my Father! It was about 3:10 pm. My phone just then rang; the baby has arrived! Rejoicing in my heart! Would they allow me to call him my great grandson? I cherish the thought. I wait on You my Father. Thank You for Your peace that surpasses all understanding.
Dear readers, I have been waiting on my Father to give me clearance to the time to publish this post. The time is now. I will be my last post for a time.

I Quote, Not Debate Or Question The Scriptures Misnomer The Bible That I Quote, Why?

Tuesday, October 27, 2015 at 9:28 pm
Father, it is totally amazing to me how strong is the tie of hate and confusion that Satan has managed to imprint in our minds!
For one thing, You cannot fit in the human mind. Therefore, in vain human beings continue to attempt to fit You in and presume to know what You like or dislike.
For another thing, You are not just a God up there somewhere in the sky or in our minds or hearts. You are not a deity like any other deity and Your ways and thoughts are far above our ways & thoughts.
Why do mankind are dead set in debating and exposing their utter ignorance about Your infinite knowledge that cannot fit in our minds?
Yes, the words that I write come from the Scriptures, misnomer the Bible. Even so, I do not pretend to interpret such Scriptures.
On the contrary, I emphatically oppose the way that mankind has totally corrupted the written words inspired by Your Spirit and recorded by the hand of the ancient men chosen by You to record those words.
I make it clear, in former times and to the best of my human capabilities, I believed that what is called the Bible was the unchangeable word of God. I adamantly stuck by it. No one to move me from my firm stand of belief.
That was a show of my ignorance and arrogance and unwillingness to submit to my Creator. Some 30 years ago, in 1985, in a moment of time, my Father/Creator cut me down to the ground for good.
A dramatic, radical change of my being took then place. For once I went down with my face to the ground, my Father/Creator was able to begin my transformation.
Slowly but surely, 2015 has arrived. The wonders of the development of growth have all been recorded in the journal of my life.
Yes, it took a long time to deprogrammed that ‘Bible’ mentality from me. Regardless, it has all been worth it. My Father/Creator has led and continuous to lead me at all times.
Since 2006 my Father has been deprogramming all false doctrines at large from my dense mind. We come to Saturday, September 15, 2007. That’s the time and date that He seared me into His service for good.
These last eight years have been intense. The result? Amazing power and wisdom to withstand all the wiles of Satan, the mighty monster controlling the minds of my Father’s children all over the world not just in this region of the world.
I can now tell you all, make no mistake about it, in the same way that the monster controls the minds of the people in this region of the world, the monster controls all human minds in the four corners of the earth. Only the means of control differ according to each culture.
In this region of the world, in Jordan not across the border of Jordan but, in Jordan the regular people, and I mean the regular people, I am not talking about politics or governments, I am talking about down to earth regular people practicing the commandments better than any other country I have ever seen.
I repeat, these people practice not just talk about their religion. While in Jordan, I have been a recipient of abundant goodness. I find absolutely nothing wrong with my Jordanian friends at first sight. In fact, they put me to shame with their goodness—I am plain & simply not that good!
So what? This practice is what the monster has programmed into their minds with the weapon of incredible fear of man, fear of the lake of fire. They fear even their own shadow and do not trust anyone. Even the members of their own family are kept at a distance as far as trust is concern. This does not come from our Father/Creator.
We come to the Western World, preliminary a Christian world. Do we practice the commandments? Of course! The USA is number one to help the poor. The USA citizens?
I am one of them and I know my record as a former good Christian woman but, by far my record pales against the record of the amazing helping hands in the USA!
The unsung citizens of the USA with a heart of gold can make anyone think they are heading straight to heaven, no question about it. Is that a fact? Hardly.
In my estimation, these unsung heroes/heroines are next to the throne of my Heavenly Father since I have been the recipient of the kindness of so many of such golden heart Americans. Yet, to my rude awakening, it is not so! Why?
Because both groups are depending on their carnal nature with the help of our Creator. Both groups have their beliefs, their opinions their choices, theirs this, their that.
They are stuck in their own beliefs and their own whatever like mules in a mud pile. There is no human power that can pull them out of that mud pile, period!
Ah! But there is hope. There is always hope. The power of love from on high is descending now upon each individual child of the Almighty Creator of our beings.
That is the only power to avail all to raise up to a higher life, breaking loose from the mud pile even above our own carnal selves!
O but the faithfulness of our Father/Creator! Who can challenge such faithfulness? Who is capable of such love?
I am a recipient of such faithfulness & power. Therefore, I no longer claim adherence to the Christian religion or any other religion in this world.
In addition, and most important, I no longer claim adherence to the letter of the Scriptures misnomer the Bible. Why?
Because, man has taken the liberty to interpret those words with the power of their minds and windup totally distorting and corrupting those words.
In addition, man has undertaken the labor of teaching others and propagating those corrupted words.
For those words are Spirit and Truth that cannot be interpreted by the human mind. Such is the truth that has set me free!
Thus I have been set free and I have become Yahushua’s disciple or taught one.
For it is the Spirit of Yahuwah/Yahushua that has set me free. It is the same Spirit that have convicted and raise me up above the cares of this world.
It is the same Spirit that has empowered me with the power of love and wisdom from up above, to live in peace in the Presence of my Father/Creator.
It is the same Spirit of my Master Yahushua Messiah that redeemed me from the grip of Satan and transferred me from the kingdom of darkness to the Kingdom of Light!
And it is the same Spirit that, eventually shall set free all that are willing to receive the power of love from high—even Yahushua, Messiah to be set free.
Until the next time. I will see you all again at the appointed time.
From His Presence let my voice resound in the waves of the Internet and in the books by yours truly from one end of the earth to the other, reaching the hearts & minds of my Father’s beloved children! thia/Basilia—Webmaster/Author/ Publisher
His love in my heart for all, thia/Basilia

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