1 Nov 2015

Some More Ramblings With My Father While He Works On Me! I Wish To Share One More Time.



Guess what? Father is moving me to His promised place of quiet & safety!

Saturday, October 31, 2015 at 10:32 am
Trying? O my Father! There is no use to try to pull a mule from a mud hole—the mule can actually pull one into the mud hole to keep it company!
Well, it is not going to happen! Let the mule wallow in her element. I will not lift a finger to help that mule.
I am going on to the still waters of Your Presence in my being and in my life. I leave that mule to Your care.
Then again, perhaps I am the one behaving like a mule, not giving an inch of the territory of my likes & dislikes. Guess that is what You are teaching me now. I cast all my likes & dislikes under Your feet.
Saturday, October 31, 2015 at 12:25 pm
Going the extra mile? Impossible for any human being! Unless the loving & enticing words from Yahushua reach one’s heart & ears. Still, one’s first reaction is to retaliate big time! Kid you not yourself if you are human.
Even when you are the most self made saintly person, there comes the time when your patience reach its limits and you stand up for your rights and the world applauds you. Go figure it!
In the other hand, submit your ways and your will to the Master Creator of our beings. The result? No need to behave like a martyr-saint coming to his wits for the world to applaud you, instead you behave like the human that you are, no presumptions of any kind.
So, you blow your cool and make a fool of yourself. Do you need to make excuses for your behavior? Ah! But he push my limits! Ah! He hurt me! Ah! But this or that? No!
Instead, if you have submitted your ways and your will to the Master Creator of our beings, you should hear the necessary words to convict you or to show you that your attitude is wrong and you shall be given the power to change your attitude.
When that happens, when your attitude changes? Everything around you also changes. Right now I am stuck in the same rotten attitude of wanting to be left alone. I feel that if anyone as much as look at me I am going to explode! But I know that this, too, shall soon pass away from me.
I wait on You my Father, I wait on You to open up my ears to hear Your voice. You know everything and You never give me any more than what I can take.
Saturday, October 31, 2015 at 10:20 pm
Once again my Father, thanks for showing me my error. I see it my Father, I have no business trying to pull the mules of this world out of their mud hole.
In addition, I have no business getting bent out of shape because I cannot succeed. You have not called me to convince, help or impose my ways on anybody.
You, distinctly, have instructed and corrected me from the very beginning when You called me to talk to Your people in 1986. I recorded the matter,

Feb. 18/86. “Father, You woke me up and You said to sit up.” I said, “What shall I do?” And You said, “You shall write this morning.” And I wrote further, “Oh Father, it has been thirty minutes now since I sat up. I did not think it was You talking to me because You always wake me up to pray and intercede.
As I was thinking such thoughts it thundered and it rained. I thought it must be You talking and I could not hear You. I got up wondering as to what to do; as I was getting up it thun- dered again, this time louder and sharper. I went to the kitchen and turned on the light unaware that my daughter was sleeping on the couch in the living room. She shook me up when she said from the couch to bring her something to drink because I was not expecting to hear a voice coming from the couch. I was already shook up with all that thundering, but she shook me up some more. I put some water in a glass and I went by her side and I whispered, Did you hear the thunder?! It must be God talking to us! She smiled and said, I was thinking the same thing. So, Father, I came to the computer and in faith started to write, trusting that You have a purpose to accomplish in me today.”
“Father, I haven’t got the slightest on what to write about? But I know that you honor obedience in your child, so Father in obedience here I am, speak Lord, thy servant hears.”
“Father, it is now 4:45 am Two hours and fifteen minutes since You first woke me up. I searched the Scriptures You brought to my remembrance. It took me one and a half hours to locate the first one. I do not understand why it was so hard for me to find it, for I knew the Scripture. I just wanted to read exactly what You were talking about. Why, Father, these things happen to me? What is the lesson I am to learn from this? It seems to me that I waste all my time spinning my wheels. Why, Father I do these things? Why, am I not ever sure of what I am doing?”
And my Father answered me and said,
“Because you are always bickering and complaining and you are forever asking why and you are fixed in analyzing every- thing without action. I have told you to cease from your works and struggle and to trust Me. When you quit bickering, questioning and analyzing MY work in you and MY word to you then you will be able to be what I have already made you to be, meek and lowly and an obedient child of MINE.”
“Father . . . I see what you mean, and I repent in dust and ashes. I see how I am and what I am doing. Forgive me Father I won’t bicker anymore nor question You. These are the Scriptures that you brought to my remembrance and told me to write down, and I wrote down from Matthew 21:23-32 and from John 12:20-43. Father, both of these scriptures have to do with the same thing, Your people and their hardness, what do I do next?”
“This is what you shall talk to My people about.” He spoke to my heart in a quieted still voice.
“Father, I have been a sinful woman, I have not applied myself and brought forth any fruit, do you think they are going to listen to me?” I said, just about to jump out of my flesh.
“I do not want them to listen to you, I want them to listen to ME. And Thia have you not repented of bickering and questioning me? You are right, you have not applied yourself for you do not know anything, not even what FRUIT BEARING is.”

There you have it. This thing of me telling people of the hardness of their heart has caused me untold anguishing moments. Why?
For the simple fact that, though I tell people not to look at me, I, in a distasteful hypocrisy are forever coveting the attention and approval from all. Go figure it!
In addition, I get bent out of shape because people pay no mind to me according to my own expectations. Thus the anguish of my moments.
My Father/Creator? He lets me wallow in my own distasteful hypocrisy until, He deems necessary for Him to intervene and point to me the root of my anguish.
Even so, at that moment of recognition, I have a choice, either quit my distasteful hypocrisy, confess my sin, turn away from it, or, continue wallowing in such distasteful hypocrisy.
Ah! But the beauty of submission to my Father/Creator! The minute He points to me the root of my anguish, He also gives me the power of love from on high to come clear and confess and repent. The result?
Power to live, power to die to my own selfish desires as the Master of my being so commands me to do!
No human being can give such power to others. Even so, we human beings are forever claiming the ability to do so for others.
Thus the myriad of self-proclaimed power sources dress up with many colors of gowns of a very distasteful hypocrisy.
Along comes the myriad of adherents to such sources all claiming to have found peace and life in such sources.
The whole spectrum of such peace and such found life is enough to boggle the mind of the most selected vessels from on high.
Me? My Father/Creator? Read on.
Sunday, November 1, 2015 at 12:42 am

A dream? A vision? The meeting room was packed. A few seats to my right a new follower in the Net sits. Perhaps the speaker has paused for whatever reason. Everybody is quietly whispering to each other. I whisper to my follower some kind of greeting or question. Others are whispering. Suddenly, somebody brings a heavy box full with food and place it next to my right shoulder. I am told that box is for me. I notice there is a note in the box above the food. The box is placed on my lap and I begin to read the partially hand written and not to clear note: Madam. Advanced whatever. I begin to inspect what is in the box. A sup envelope? I begin to open it and I wake up.

What is the meaning of such a dream or vision, my Father? Can this be about this new follower that is so involved in Yoga? Could this be a warning from You, my Father?
Could this be a warning from You not to be overtaken by the beauty in this world? I was opening that sup envelope with the question whether it was clean food or not?

“My child, yes, this is My warning. This world has much food to offer to you, all to satisfy the lust of the flesh to fill the belly. To satisfy the lust for comfort and ease of living.
Do not be overtaken by such food. Such food is poison for your spirit, it means death to your spirit. Do not eat of such dainties.
I am aware of your distasteful hypocrisy in your search to connect with someone. I will not allow you to establish such connection at the moment.
Therefore, you must publish what I have prevented you from posting a few posts back. After that publishing, you must cease posting for a time.
You must allow My children their space to assimilate all the work I have done within your being that has been published until now.
In due time, I will restore your posting. In the meantime concentrate on preparing the series Dying in the Present, Living in Eternity.
Fear not, there is nothing to fear. You have done well. There is no need for regret of any failure in the blogging world because there is nothing to regret.
Furthermore, do not despair because of the turmoil going on in Ahmad’s family as well as in all the families in this region of the world.
For this is My time to judge My children and call them to repent or turn around and away from their customs & traditions and learn My ways.
You have done well in delivering this message to all of My children through the waves of the Internet as well as to Ahmad.
It is time now for you to, actually, sit still as far as the task of delivering My message. It is time now for you to keep to yourself and wait on Me.
For this reason, I am placing you in the perfect place of quiet & safety that I promised to you some 29 years ago. Furthermore, with this move I shall accomplish My will in the life of Ahmad.
Therefore, rejoice and be glad no matter what you feel or think or do! For I have never ceased to work all things for your good and the good of all of your concern!”

Wow! In awe of Your Being, I worship You!
O my beloved readers, think it not strange that all of this is happening on the exact date that marks seven years (7—the perfect number for completion) since I laid my eyes on this Ahmad, my gifted son.

From His Presence let my voice resound in the waves of the Internet and in the books by yours truly from one end of the earth to the other, reaching the hearts & minds of my Father’s beloved children! thia/Basilia—Webmaster/Author/ Publisher

His love in my heart for all, thia/Basilia

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