By George! She’s Got It! “Poor Basilia” Is Out Of Limbo Now.

Journal—An ongoing dialog between thia/Basilia and Master Yahuwah/Yahushua. …

Thursday, November 24, 2016 at 6:27 am
I beseech You, O my Father—O Father of mine? Get me out of this limbo. Perhaps, my cry is unnecessary. Perhaps there is no need for me to be in limbo. Perhaps my only need is to remain gazing at You? Every single day, things become more clear to me. It is not that we are to live a life of chance. It is a matter of who is your ‘Boss’? Who is your ‘God’? Who controls your life?

Are you thinking, “No one controls me!”? Think again. This world is made out of laws, regulations, systems plus! Our insidious habits! Chee-whiz! Of course, should you be a Christian or adhere to any monotheistic religion, you will undoubtably quote a series of scriptures claiming the Almighty to instruct us to keep the laws & rules because the Almighty says so. Because those are for our own protection but!

Do you really mind such instructions for that reason or, you simple abide by them because you? …Maybe … What is your motive? Is it not for plain & simple selfish gain?

Let’s not kid ourselves. I am human, I know the drill. O but how easily we can find other Scriptures to support our lapses. Oh? Yeah! I did it consciously and deliberately because, I was ‘holier than thou?’ Hahaha! Yeah, I was always finding ‘loop holes’ in the Almighty’s instructions and go my way with a smug face of triumph over all those foolish ones that lacked the understanding of yours truly.

Ridiculous but! I was famous & well-liked & celebrated. Unfortunately, I was not so in the eyes of my Loving Father/Creator! The day of confrontation came for me and? My face went straight to the ground of these earthly grounds! “I thought I knew but, now I see the impudence of my claims. I repent in dust & ashes!” Up went my cry!

Ah! At last “Poor Basilia” will mind the Almighty and do like we do! Yeah, back to Bible School. Back to ‘church’. Be humble. Quit your ‘holier than thou attitude’. Humbly submit to the ‘church’. Alright! I’ll so do!

Twelve years later? In the emergency room at the point of death! No kidding! Four months later? The mighty whirlwind descends on “Poor Basilia” again! This time for keeps. This last time? September 15, 2007. Eight years later, on this Thursday, November 24, 2016?

Here is “Poor Basilia”. In a forsaken area of Amman, Jordan. Honest to goodness! Her face is still on the ground! All one can hear is the laughter resounding in the heavens at the sight of “Poor Basilia”. A holy & joyful laughter of her Father’s delight in her obedient attitude that is! Can you believe it? Hahaha! HalleluYah!

Know what? With the face to the ground one can see the magnificent treasures soon to surface for our delight. Ahmad et all, are out there galivanting the whole world looking for treasures in all the wrong places but! That is soon to end! Father got a plan. His plan will soon become known. In the meantime? Father gives “Poor Basilia” a preview of that plan. “Poor Basilia” she has been in limbo because she had no clue on what to do until Father says,

“You need to do nothing more than what you are now doing. All knowledge to execute My plan to restore My children to the original state for their creation has already been given to Ahmad along several others I will reveal to Ahmad in due time.”

Duh! I can hear my friend Adeeb, “No need! No need!” All right! No more limbo for “Poor Basilia”. She is now set free to enjoy life on these earthly grounds even when her face is down on those same grounds.
His love in my heart for all, thiaBasilia.

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