26 Oct 2018

How To Become Assertive Without Trying ….?

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How To Find Strength To Live …

From The Dining Room In My Soul …

Friday, 26 October 2018 now at 11:13 am.

How To Confess And? Then Progress …?

Indeed! I have a ‘confession to make’. I been ‘trying’ ‘trying’ ‘trying’ all kinds of themes and plugins and what have you since 2006, mind you! The worst? Live and direct. Winging. Speed up all instructions. Phew!

By now? I done worn out all my good friends at most supports, plus? Worn out my own self! Hahaha! Father knows and knew all about but! His unfathomable wisdom. He let me exhaust it all until?

Quit Trying & Start Trusting? Him! Hahaha!

Dear Reader? You must read this post to ENJOY my meaning of everything. I thought I was going to post this great post like really quick and easy, but, surprise!

I click what I thought to be my beautiful perfect site only to find a tryout from a couple years ago with the most horrible colours! WHAT? Then? I remember. I was trying out a theme since yesterday, but!

I got to reading the instructions. The theme is really the theme I been wanting to use permanently for all my sites, but! I couldn’t figure it out, so? I just dropped and forgot all about it.

I been switching to other themes never sure of any of them until yesterday. What happen yesterday open my eyes to see my Father’s leading and direction in all that I do. It’s really neat!

The Failing Or Passing Of Our Lives ….?

It’s like going to school from kindergarten to high school and higher. One goes from failing or passing all those years, then? You graduate and?

Continue the same never-ending pattern of failing or passing. Hahaha! Thank Goodness though! We have a Father/Creator of our beings—the Best of the Best of Teachers.

He never ceases to ‘teach’ us the best lessons we must learn despite it all. And so, today? I had to confess my failure to trust in Him to pass on in the way of success for His good plans for us all.

I will give link to the page that will begin …. My eternity when it’s time. Patience. It’ll be worthy of your patience….:-) On to the post.

A Reminder From My Teacher …?

It’s now Wednesday, 24 October 2018 at 4:54 am. Time flies! O my Father? Time flies, but I? Must let be and be still. More so every moment that I am tempted otherwise? I hear quite clear,

“In returning to Me and resting in Me you shall be saved; in quietness and in trusting confidence shall be your strength.”

The Best From The Best Of Teachers …?

What a life I am experiencing! To have the privilege of the highest of the highest Teacher and Leader with me day and night for free? Who can top that?

O but I am blessed! Thanks, my Father. As You are leading me? I will continue this matter of optimizing these critical posts before I post them. On to the task. It’s now Wednesday, 24 October 2018 at 5:09 am.

Read The Instructions, Thiabasilia! ….?

O my Father! Been making progress all day! How? Ah! But You know it. Your thiaBasilia is finally reading the instructions not just winging it. Hahaha! HalleluYah.

End Of Day But I? Keep Going, Going, Going Like The Battery Man!

It’s now Wednesday, 24 October 2018 at 3:38 pm. So much to be thankful for! Well? The day ended, but me? Keep going, going, going like the battery man! Hahaha!

Thursday, 25 October 2018 at 1:20 am.

What’s With My Assertiveness …?

Father? You know how efficient I feel. All the results of Your work within me. You are showing me how to organize my thoughts to succeed in this business of Yours.

Two Points To Consider About This Business Of …Who?

  1. What business results does your content help you get?
  2. What value does your content provide to the reader or viewer?

So Far? This Is What Is Becoming Clear To My Mind:



To deliver the message of our Creator’s love and faithfulness for us.  My commission? To journal my life for a witness of that love and faithfulness.

The original intent for our creation? To be loved. To love. Your Cherished Family O Mighty One? Forever to be!



We were a Family.

A Dysfunctional one, but!

A Loving Family we were. We still are!

Behold! The Power Of Love & Wisdom From On High.

It Never Fails. It Always Avails!

Value for the Reader?

”LIFE & STRENGTH—The HARVEST to live the life that you are now experiencing?

The most valuable product that you have to offer to this insanity ridden world. LIFE & STRENGTH to withstand even the most strenuous of circumstances that this insane world can handle to you.” Said the Almighty to thiaBasilia.

Friday, 26 October 2018 now at 7:26 am.

Well! O well! O well! Talking about assertive without trying? That’s me! For years been trying to be assertive, but! NON-ASSERTIVINESS was all I accomplished. Hahaha! ‘Poor Basilia’ for sure, but!

Guess what? Finally! For good! I QUIT TRYING & STARTED TRUSTING! Phew!

Now? Every morning new leaps of assertiveness leap into my mind on to my hands and fingers land on the key board straight into the waves of this human NET.

Destination? Your Soul And Mind In to get ….?

Whatever for? Ah! That’s the beauty of this unique way to be assertive. To be assertive of the results before the results are public knowledge to be certain.

I know these posts of mine penning are destined for your soul and mind. Will they your soul and mind find? I am sure big time! Quite in line with this now assertiveness of mine!

How ‘bout that! So? How To Become Assertive Without Trying?

How to find strength to live? Indeed! In this insanity ridden world? We all need strength. Not just strength to live, but! Supernatural strength to live, even to survive. You want it?


O but that’s a vague statement. ‘Trusting Who or What?’ Aha! Aha! Aha! That’s the reason why I been writing my boring details all these years, and? You have had whatever it takes to read my ‘chop English’ lines. Hahaha!

Now? Things are beginning to click in our minds and hearts or souls. Isn’t that beautiful! I want to cry but my eyes are dry! My tears? All went to fertilize that invisible garden that is now coming into view.

Much love until the next post and forever. thiaBasilia.

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