21 Dec 2016

How To Lose Friends And Have Even Kinfolk Ostracize You Work For The Good Of All Involved!

Okay, I re-blogged but I do not know how to put it up front. So it looks like I didn’t do it right. I am going to re-blog another post from that site right now see what happens. I have neglected this site. Today it was found. Surprise! I think it is relevant to what I am recording now.

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Wednesday, July 01, 2015 at 7:50 pm
Ha! Ha! HalleluYah! This is by far, the best heading coming to me just now! This to me, is hilarious! Here I am just enjoying my carefree life in the Presence of my Father! No kidding, literally, there is not one single coin in my possession much less luxuries of any kind!

My apartment is cleverly furnished with covered boxes! The pitiful sight of my floors in need of a commercial stripping that I can’t afford at the moment, does not bother me in the least! Instead and in spite of the few draw backs of my physical living arrangement, my heart burst with gratitude for the spaciousness lighted surroundings!

Light! The light of the day from the wee hours of the morning until sun down! Night time? Just touch the button in one room or the other and the neon lights brighten up the whole place to my delight! Whatever for do I need that fancy villa with all its trimmings once a upon a time in my silly imagination?

But what am I rambling on about? O well, I am now a ‘published author’ mind you! So what? And what that got to do with my rambling? Much, give me time to come to the point! Being a published author has nothing to do with my efforts to be so! Believe me, once a upon a time, yes! I had in mind things in that respect, much too great to fit in the best human imagination!

Yes! I was a prisoner in arena of success and goal settings, until our Father/Creator busted me out of the jail! The result? Now, I no longer pine for that coveted success! No need! By far, I am successful without setting my own goals! What on earth am I talking about?

Well, it has been a long time since I spent my time figuring out what I wanted out of life and setting my goals to accomplish whatever I thought I wanted! Then I spent a few dollars pursuing my goal settings! Now, my life is radically different than those days, I know exactly who I am, what and how to do whatever needs to be done!

Take my present situation. Since the beginning of my 7th year on this region of the world, all things have become new! Within my being there is peace, power and stability! At the same time, my life is a carefree life liken to the life of a cherished child in a good home!

I no longer have to search for my wants or even my needs. Money? Whether I need one or a million coins, is all there for me in its due time! I have never been ‘poor’. I might be ‘broke’ but I ain’t poor! Food? I eat like a queen, never been hungry in my whole life! Cloth? I am unique and so are my clothes! Work to occupy myself until the end of time? Not many are privileged to work with the passion and assurance that I have while I gladly work day & night! Fun & entertainment? My life is fun & entertainment not only for myself but also for whoever is privileged to know me! No need for such a waste of time as worldly entertainment happens to be!

All things are handed over to me to accomplish whatever needs to be accomplished. Right now, the publishing my work of 30 years is the number one priority in my Father’s plan for me! Thus, all mediums in the market to accomplish such task are delivered to my mail box as I need those mediums.

Some of the biggest names in the publishing industry are now in my mail box instructing me in all that is needed to succeed in this industry! Me? I smile as I go over such instructions thinking, ‘I already did that! Hah! I see that I need a different perspective!’ And with that thought in mind, I proceed to revised whatever it is that the instructors are talking about and, bingo! Ha! Ha! It works! Whatever did not work before!

Today, reading an essay from a best seller publisher about headlines I read, “How To Win Friends and Influence People was the first self-help book that changed my life… and I was able to beat it in the rankings with my book.”

No sooner I read such a line, I busted up in laughter thinking, “I’ll headline the opposite! I will be just like him, a ‘best seller’ at last!” And there you have it! Why would this headline will get the attention of my readers enough to click the checkout box? Because, winning friends and influencing people can be accomplished with learned techniques or gifted personalities but, to lose those friends? That’s a subject that needs much expounding because, losing your friends and the influence that you once had upon them is a happening in many lives but it is not necessarily a bad thing!

Let me emphasize the matter, there is a great number of people that are in that friendless predicament for different reasons! But losing your friends and the influence that you once had upon them is not necessarily a bad thing! In fact, it can turned out to be the best thing for all involved if the reason and the purpose for the happening is expounded! Thus the heading For This Post, “How To Lose Friends And Have Even Kinfolk Ostracize You Work For The Good Of All Involved!”

Want to expound such matter with me? That’s the purpose for the publishing of all my books! For in the process of reading my books you will see how to lose friends & kinfolk is a matter worth to expound for it can turned out to be the best happening in your life once you accept it from the hand of our Father/Creator!

To tell you the truth, one do not ever really lose or win friends & kinfolk! Friends & kinfolk are a gift from our Father/Creator and our Father/Creator does not ever take back our gifts! So, let’s us keep that in mind as we expound the matter! Perhaps, such headline will be my next title published in the department for self-help books in the market! Wow! Best sellers, here I come! Ha! Ha! HalleluYah!
His love in my heart for all, thia/Basilia

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