14 Dec 2016

About The Scriptures Misnomer The Bible.

I do not understand the Bible as I thought to do in the past.

Now I know, the Scriptures misnomer, ‘the Bible’ are an instrument to build by the power of love & wisdom from on high. But, by the power of love & understanding from the human mind & heart, the same are an instrument to destroy … bear with me, you’ll see it for yourself.

Journal—An ongoing dialog between thia/Basilia and Master Yahuwah/Yahushua. …

Wednesday, December 14, 2016 at 10:09 am

As per inspiration from the power of love from on high, I am to write about the Scriptures, misnomer the ‘the Bible’.

The Scriptures go by the tile of Bible, Holy Bible, Old Testament, New Testament and whatever suits the audience in general. Of course, you mention any such tile? One either turns ‘holy reverent’ or cynically express one’s disgust with such & the quoters of the same.

Quite understandable, why? Because, the Scriptures are a most unique book. This book cannot be apprehended by the human mind but! A multitude claim to understand and live by the Scriptures; are they right? Nay! They are not. How dare I make such statement? By my own experience. By the conviction from the Spirit of the Creator living in the human heart. Oh?

Yeah, in the past I believed the Spirit of our Creator only lived in the heart of the believers but! In that case the Set Apart Spirit would live in Satan’s heart because Satan believes and trembles as it is written.
I was wrong. Who says so? The Spirit of our Creator living in my heart. The Spirit of our Creator lives in all human hearts only He is ignored. He is ignored most of the time even by the most devoted ones including my own self in the past.

In the past I used to quote the words, ‘In Him I live and move and have my being’. I even sang those words with gusto but! I did not know what I was saying or doing. It was all a matter of how I felt & thought in agreement with everybody’s consent.

Now is a different story with me. I no longer ignore my Master. Though I seldom sing those words anymore I know those words are reality in my daily life. So, what’s my point?

Well, as per inspiration, our Creator is setting matters straight not just for yours truly but for each one of His children as well. As human beings, we have failed on two accounts:

  1. From the beginning, we failed to keep the commandment at the Garden. What? Yes, we descend from the first human beings. They chose to eat of the forbidden tree. They chose to do whatever seem good (suitable, pleasant) for food. It seemed to them that the tree was delightful to look at, and a tree to be desired in order to make one wise.
  2. Is it not what we do now? Now, we continue to eat from the knowledge of good & evil. Why and how? We continue to live by whatever seem good (suitable, pleasant) for food. Whatever is delightful to look at to satisfy our aesthetic taste. And of course, are not the centers of learning the most south after centers to acquire all knowledge to quench our thirst to succeed? Knowledge is to be desired to make one wise. Knowledge is our ‘god’. Knowledge is necessary to become our own god.

The Scriptures? Whatever is written? The once venerated ‘Holy Bible’? The Ten Commandments? The First & Most Important of the Ten Commandments? No time to dwell on that. We are ‘good’. Or “we are saved”. Once one is saved we need to do whatever ‘seem good’ to us because …a thousand upon thousand reasons why ‘we are good’. Why we can do whatever seem good to us. Who can argue with such valid arguments as per human wisdom? Not me!
But the Almighty Creator of our beings? For sure, He is now setting the matter to rest. Thus, the purpose for this blog & posts by yours truly.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016 at 5:15 pm
Why my blog? Because the Creator done did His number on me. He has transformed me from being a ‘good Christian woman’ to being a ‘genuine human being’. Is that true? Ha! It is so true that I can hardly believe it my own self. “Poor Basilia” says Ahmad when he catches my doubting such a matter.
One of these days? I am hoping for Ahmad to talk for himself in the blogs by yours truly. We’ll see. I wait on my Father to develop all circumstances for the honor of His name. Again, the Almighty Creator must increase. “Poor Basilia” must decrease.

Believe me, there is no distasteful hypocrisy in my heart desire for my Father to increase and yours truly to decrease. I make that statement after the fact. What fact? The colossal disaster of my life while trying to exalt my own self! I am now a ‘taught one’! Father did the teaching. There is no other way. That’s the one conclusion each one of His children will come to in time.

For now, though that by the power of love & wisdom from on high, the Scriptures misnomer, ‘the Bible’ are an instrument to build. By the power of love & understanding from the human mind & heart, the same are an instrument to destroy! How can that be? Easy matter. We read & study the Bible. We interpret whatever we read & study by the power of our brilliant minds & good hearts. We proceed to teach others what we have learned. The problem?

There are as many interpretations of the ‘Bible’ as there are human beings with high reading comprehension or the lack of it. Thus, the multitude of ‘Bible Scholars’ grouped one way or the other, beating each other with their own interpretation of the ‘Bible’ thus destroying what is meant to build.

Me? I have torn up the ‘Bible Scholar’ label for good by the power of love from on high. Emphatically I now proclaim, “I do not understand the Bible!” because, I do not understand it. So, why do I quote it? Good question! All I can answer is the fact that I am now not just quoting to beat anyone with my knowledge of such words. Instead of just quoting, I am sharing the life & strength produced by the Spirit of our Creator implanting within my heart, His written words in the Bible

000000000000_1-the-harvest-new-life-beginslanding-pageEventually, the Spirit of our Creator within all will accomplish His purpose with all that I write and quote. I’ll keep on writing and publishing and repeat. For now, I will post these lines. Then proceed as the Creator leads me to proceed. We’ll see.
I love ye all with the love of my Yah; for I see in you the power of love from on high. Yes, I love you with the love of my Yah! thiaBasilia.

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