2 thoughts on “SHOCKING! TV S.A. Satan’s Altar? Dear & Faithful Readers, Why Should You Read It?…

  1. About T.V.S.A. = Father marries daughter-in-law
    Son marries his step mother
    Mother marries son-in-law
    Daughter marries her step father
    Step father marries sister in law
    Brother-in-law marries step daughter’s mother
    Do these people ever meet anyone outside of their own family?
    Most times they don’t even marry.
    Right ! TV is S.A.

    1. So glad for your comment! It gives me an indication that someone has figure it! 🙂 Today I have come to joyfully accept my seller’s failure because? I have already attained the greatest success by the power of love from on high! O what a joyful moment it is when we come to see the reason & value of our doings. Don’t you think so? 🙂

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