6 Jan 2016

I Smell Death In Beauty &Success…

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The Spirit of our Father in the heavens? He shed one more tear.

Sunday, January 3, 2016 at 3:13 am
I am standing in Your Presence, on sacred ground. And I know, yes I know there are angels all around this sacred ground.
O Father of mine, words evade my ability to write how immensely grateful I am for Your power of love from on high.
Monday, January 4, 2016 at 7:36 am
Father? Perhaps even though that I am content living in Your Presence without a care for the world.
Even so? My drive to surround myself with beauty is innate within my being. What is the difference?
I take pride of beautifying my surrounding with whatever I have at hand and whenever I take the notion to beautify without spending a dime?
In the other hand, the next person? That person takes pride in the most elegant and extravagant of decors?
That person spares nothing to obtain the most and the best of everything beautiful to adorn her/his surroundings?
What’s the difference? Not really any difference at all! Just because my taste for beauty is simpler does not make the complicated taste better or worse.
Tuesday, January 5, 2016 at 6:07 am
So? What gives my Father? I have been pondering this matter for many of days as I arrange & rearrange this little apartment You have gifted to me?
Yes, what gives, my Father? Your answer did not come until this morning via email.
To go back a lil’ bit? Yesterday? My whole setup was radically changed on account of the weather.
To keep warm and save electricity, many families move into one room for the winter time.
So? Yesterday my bed was moved into my living room and my garden into my bedroom, what a change?
Sick as I was? I had to rearrange my computer setup again. All finished? Computer switch goes on to check emails.
Ah! One from one of my children. New picture added in Facebook. Let me check it out. WOW!
The décor in my child’s home? A king’s palace won’t do it justice. Indeed! Beauty? Taste? Elegance? All there!
Me? Ludicrous! I smell death not life at all in all of that awesome setup? What’s wrong with me?
Nothing, nothing at all is wrong with me. Only here lately I have been looking at things from the heart of our Father.
Furthermore, before I saw all that splendor in my child’s home? I received a comment from a Yoga adherent,

In Yoga we acknowledge many names for the Lord. As long as the name implies Infinite Greatness & Infinite Goodness it fits! And as long as you carry love in your heart for that One God, He listens. Thanks for the sweetness of your worship.

As I read such comment? The Spirit of our Father in the heavens? He shed one more tear.
Me? I smelled death? It made me ill? How can this be? How has Satan impregnated the human mind with such muck?
I can understand decorating our homes and our surroundings but, this mockery about the Almighty Creator of the whole Universe and of our beings? It blows my mind with grief!
Still, not quite an answer to my dilemma on my likes and the likes of others, until I woke up this morning.
This morning, one more shock in the email? A whole free e-book on ‘chakra’. What in the world is ‘chakra’ and why did I download it?
Simple. My Father leads me at all times. He needed to show me the answer to my dilemma.
What is ‘chakra’? Thank goodness! Father has kept me ignorant of these matters. Chakra is,

Any of the points in the human body described in yogic philosophy as centers of vitalenergy, especially one of seven such centers that are aligned with the spinal column.

Hurray! And a whole book on it? Spare me the gruesome details! For indeed! All I have had to do was to read the curses to understand the whole dilemma of the human race & Satan?
This chakra thing is nothing else but the beautiful side of the carnal satanic self that we inherit from Satan.
Satan promised that we shall be like the Almighty? Satan said,

For God knows that in the day you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing the difference between good and evil and blessing and calamity.

Sure enough, we now know the difference between good and evil and blessing and calamity but we can do nothing about either. Duh!
Have we come to be like the Almighty? Ha! Not by a long, long shot! But that’s the thing that all human beings strive to be.
So now the human has gotten into this marvel of Yoga and chakra and all the knowledge of good & evil? O what a marvel?
Hum? Millions are now marching to the tune of balanced chakra to obtain vital energy? For what? For what pray ye?
For a temporal shot of happy, happy, happy me? It is totally ludicrous! Sheer eccentricity of the arrogance of human kind. What is the use of learning how to read?
Furthermore, is there any common sense left to spare these gullible of the gullible of human beings?
The human being’s innate drive is for beauty, peace, well-being and so far.
The problem is the way we go to obtain such things that we lost because of following our own instincts to obtain such things.
The fact is that as human beings we pray and refer to a deity up there that we have made up for whatever reason.
We do all kinds of things to show our love or whatever to this deity that it is not our Father in the heavens at all.
But mostly? We pray to obtain blessings galore. We pray for health and wealth without any discrimination at all.
This deity we call on, this deity we call ‘God’ or ‘force’ or ‘love’ or ‘Lord’? Such deity is NOT at all our Father. We do not know our Father.
Our Father/Creator became flesh & bones just like us to show us Himself. He is a reality within our beings.
While He walked among us? He taught us all things about us and about Himself. We have no excuse.
Still, I cannot judge or condemn ANYONE! Who am I to do so? Besides, not long ago I heavily breathed that same kind of pollution in my quest to gain the approval of mankind.
Indeed! The purpose in exposing these things to the children of our Father in the heavens?
The purpose of our Father for anything that He inspires me to write is to judge, convict and restore.
The purpose of our Father for anything that He inspires me to write it is NOT at all to judge, convict and condemn.
So? May I suggest? Nay! No suggestions. Just the fact that you are reading these lines indicate that, you need no suggestions from yours truly. It is not about yours truly.
It is all about our Father and His children period!
Wednesday, January 6, 2016 at 2:18 am
Father instructs me to share how He has judged, convicted and restored me? As brief as I can here, it goes:

From early, early childhood? I was groomed and trained to worship a deity up there that no one knew.
This deity called God? One did not pray to Him? Nay! One prayed to His mother. Such a prayer? A long, long one prayed with the beads on hand.
Memories? Grandmother Lucila would have us kneel down outdoors and on the dirt. The prayer would begin. About one hour into the prayer? I still hear my grandmother’s words in Spanish that amounted in English to say, “Ah! I forgot how it goes from here, let’s start at the beginning!” WHAT? Within my being the shock of another hour on that dirt? Not something a young child would cherish.

Now, as I am recording this post? Father jolts my memory to illustrate how this notion of an unknown God has propagated in my life and life in general throughout these modern years.
For this notion of ‘God’? Not new! But the Catholic church? Father has allowed this church to proclaim itself as the Mother Church to propagate such erroneous doctrines that have saturated the whole earth.
Thus the human mind has been programmed to worship a deity up there somewhere above that hardly anyone knows!
The result? All kinds of churches, religions, prayers, doctrines, Yoga, chakra and what have you to get away from our Father/Creator.
But how has my Father set me free from such deceived & satanic beautiful side of evil?
Hum! It has been quite a process. The deprogramming of such gross beliefs and ideas about my Father? Only Father could have performed such a task.
And such is the task that Father is performing in the hearts & minds of all of His children through these blogs that I so proudly present to you all.
May it so be done! His love in my heart for all, thia/Basilia

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