2 Jan 2016

Are You Ready, My Brother? Are You Ready, My Sister? Am I Ready?

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Pause And Calmly Think On That….

Saturday, January 2, 2016 at 10:25 pm
Thanks my Father for Your rest. As usual, the 7th day of rest is over but I remain enjoying Your rest.
The second day of this year is almost over as well. What will it be, my Father?

Will all Your children begin to reconsider their lives styles? Will each one of Your children begin to wonder, What about me?
Will all of us come together addressing You by Your proper Name Yahuwah as You command us to do?
Will we all come together addressing our Messiah by His proper Name, Yahushua?
Will each one of us desist of following our understanding as well as the understanding of our peers?
Will each one of us see & hear Yahushua calling us to follow Him instead of following each other?
Will each one of us open our spiritual eyes and ears and begin to see and to hear You instead of the one we have made out of You?

What will it be, my Father, what will it be?
I sit still and wait? For I know that You are working on that tapestry of the restoration of our beings.
And a beautiful, good tapestry that will be? For all things of Your making are beautiful and good.
Yes, I sit still and wait? For I shall yet see Your deliverance before You end my walk on these earthly grounds.
Yes, I sit still and wait while I redeem my time before I hear the trumpet sound that will change the corrupt body into the incorruptible in a twinkle of an eye.
Are you ready, my brother? Are you ready, my sister? Am I ready?

His love in my heart for all, thia/Basilia

2 thoughts on “Are You Ready, My Brother? Are You Ready, My Sister? Am I Ready?

  1. In Yoga we acknowledge many names for the Lord. As long as the name implies Infinite Greatness & Infinite Goodness it fits! And as long as you carry love in your heart for that One God, He listens. Thanks for the sweetness of your worship.

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