8 Dec 2015

The Power Of Love From On High Shall Set Us Free ….

Yes I love you with the love of my Yah270x270-Recovered

Indeed! We have all been laden with emotional wounds inflicted upon us by either our parents or by the ones in-charged of our care during the tender years of our childhood. Even so, when it comes to our personal woes?
We only think of our own wounds. We ignore the wounds we have inflicted even in our own children. How can we overcome such horrible predicament? We cannot! Yet! There is hope!
The Power Of Love From On High Shall Set Us Free from our own predicaments. Everyday new mercies I see as I progress in this matter by my Father’s side!
Thus, The Power Of Love From On High has empowered me to see and reconsider my attitude towards my children—I have begun to see the wounds that I inflicted upon them. I have begun to see the wounds inflicted upon me to be of much lesser degree than the wounds I inflicted upon them.
Even so, am I beating myself over this matter? By no means! Rather to take responsibility for my wrongs has empowered me to forgive myself and others. That’s how The Power Of Love From On High works to set us free! Talk to Father about it.

This post should have been posted yesterday but, it was not. So? I will follow this post with what continues to develop from yesterday. Plz, bear with me. Little by little it’s all coming together by the power of love from on high!
His love in my heart for all, thia/Basilia

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