27 Sep 2015

Father Speaks About Love—The Love From The Father’s Heart!

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Father Speaks About Love…

Sunday, September 27, 2015 at 7:12 am
I see it my Father! I understand now Your commandment to stay in this place and not to make any phone calls and to wait until You developed the circumstances. Am I following Your instructions? Am I approved by You?

“Yes, My child, and all things are working together for your good and for the good of all of those who love Me, those who obey My commandments; only you must wait until My children come to grasp the truth about love.
“My children are living on their understanding of love. They love Me according to their understanding of love.
“I know that they mean to love Me and yet, I must reject such love because they do not know that, the kind of love I require is obedience to My commands or instructions.
“And I command them to lean not on their own understanding but they refuse to obey Me. And they go on and on thinking that they are obeying My commandments when in reality they are not!
“My children live in the futility of their fantasy about love. Such fantasy is an abomination unto Me and My children MUST give it up!
“Therefore, in order to cause My children to give up this abomination, I must discipline them in the harshest way! My discipline is harsh to them because, they have not yet realized the true beauty of obedience.
“My children only know the beautiful side of evil and that is what they call love! And, anyone who threatens to touch that side of evil, in their eyes, is an enemy.
“My children only know this fantasy of love as a beautiful thing and they feel that I am taking away from them such beautiful thing when in fact such thing is not beautiful, it is an abomination unto Me!
“Look at how My Son became the enemy because I sent Him to tell you the truth about the condition of your hearts.
“And that truth to set you free is totally opposite to the fantasy you have in your hearts about love and understanding and good! Therefore, He became your enemy!
“Most of My children do not know even the most basic thing about Me: My Name! Yet, in their own fantasy, they are in love with Me!
“My children feel and think that they are My friends and that they love Me and that they are keeping My commandments while they practice all the rules and regulations of their religion.
“Religion is the greatest arsenal of the enemy. And My children jump from one religion to another even at this late in the age.
“For now My children are rehearsing the ancient rituals that My people practiced. I made a covenant with My children in Mount Sinai. And I instituted and decreed My Torah.
“But My children did what seem good to them and they rebelled and they broke My covenant and corrupted My Torah.
“Therefore, I did a New Thing, I sent My Son! Still, My children insist on their understanding of My covenant and My Torah making for themselves a new religion!
“Is there an end to My children’s pride in their understanding of Me and life and everything under heaven and earth?
“It has to be! It has to be an end to such pride because I have swore that I will not give My esteem to the enemy!
“How am I to bring an end to My children’s pride in their understanding? Such is the secret that I am revealing to each one of My children according to My design and purpose.
“And for that reason, I have removed you from them; because this secret has to be revealed to each one personally.
“Therefore, you must not fear nor despair. I have heard your pleas and I am working in your behalf. Day and night, I am with you. I never leave nor forsake you.
“I am working My design and purpose for your life and you are obeying My instructions without you even realizing it.
“I know and I feel your pain and desperation, your anguish even at the thought of hurting your children.
“Nonetheless, I am infusing you with My strength every single day to overcome even the most fierce attack from the enemy!
“Be strong and courageous! For you have the power to be so because I have given you My strength and power!”

Oh my Father! Again I am speechless! In silence, I worship You!

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