11 Jul 2015

Humility Gives Way To A Genuine Character!

Yes I love you with the love of my YahREV
Saturday, July 11, 2015 at 3:00 am
Well, here I go my Father, my device for the Internet has quit! Wonder why? Maybe I need to rest for a bit since it is the 7th day of rest! Just a bit since, You are always working and I am Your child to do likewise.

O my Father, You know all about the erroneous concept about this day in all of the human minds. But that’s besides the point in what I am to write in this post!

Anyhow, I will turn off the computer for 5 minutes and wait to see if that fixes the problem. Otherwise, I know You will inspire me on how to resolve the problem!

Saturday, July 11, 2015 at 3:49 am
Thanks my Father! For what? Wow!

Thanks for fixing my Net connection.
Thanks for Nina Amir’s video as she takes a look at what if tomorrow never comes?
Thanks for Kurt Brindley, he answered positive on my comment and promised to work on my submission.
Thanks for Roxana’s email reminding me of her love for me!
Thanks for Joyce’s call when I was down & out not wanting to call anyone!
Thanks for Gary, he is also looking into promoting the book!
And thanks for Andrea, O thanks for Andrea, she, too, called me right on que!
So blessed that I am! So much to give You thanks forever! For I did not mention a big thanks to You, thanks for my beloved Ahmad and his family! First time visitors to my new pad! They came as the answer to my request the day before! Wow!

Even more, I did not mention a big, big thanks for my beautiful children! So what if for now we cannot see eye to eye? The truth of the matter is that they love me and I love them in spite of our differences! And I cannot leave out my Robin! That child of mine has not failed to show me her love & care for me even in the worst moments of our lives! Thank You my Father for such a blessing!

And what about my neighbors? There is so much, so much for which I must thank You and continue to thank You with every breath I take!

Also, I did not mention my thanks for the many faithful followers of the blogs You have given for me to create! They cheer me on when I am ready to give up!

In addition, I must give You thanks for giving me the ability and incentive to push and push and move all kinds of heavy things to place them wherever it suits me best, only to have Ahmad drop his jaw when he comes to visit and finds my bed away where he placed it originally!
“Who helped you?” he exclaims in wonder!
To which I smugly answer, “NO ONE on earth! The angels did it for me!” Ha! Ha! HalleluYah!

What a life to live! And my food burning situation? Yesterday, I burnt my little handy pot I used for heating the water for my hot drinks! It was a gift from Ahmad! I got angry! I got up and, I remove things from that dumb stove, then I pushed and shoved and pulled until I moved the whole mess to the end of my living room where I can see the darn thing from my computer desk while I am cooking something—I ain’t never gone burn anything again! That’s for sure!

Is it? Watch, after a few days I’ll forget that the darn thing is right there in front of me, until my nostrils flare up again and I jump to remove whatever is at the point of flames! Mercy! Mercy my Father, send me Your angels to take charge of that darn cooking or, rather burning thing they call ‘stove’! Or, maybe, just maybe, You can remind me of downloading an alarming timer? One that can really alarm me on time! One that I cannot ignore even if I have passed out of consciousness?

Alright! Let’s go on now to things that matter! Where was I? What did I post last? (Just at this precise moment I fell asleep in front of the screen for I don’t know how long! My head went down! I jumped up and went to bed! Where was I?)

Saturday, July 11, 2015 at 8:28 am
Well, it’s been better than an hour since I woke up! I been busy fixing me some Paleo eats! Guess what? I almost burned them! But this time I quickly grabbed the frying pan and turned off the flame! Safe! I have my Paleo breakfast waiting for me, I’ll oblige in just a minute or longer! I need to finish this post!

Well, in the last post I wrote about the human door mat & self-made martyr. In this post, without realizing it, I am writing about the opposite—genuine & down to earth human behavior!

Hey! If I have to tell you how bad other people is and how good I am to them, or if have to tell you how bad I am and blame others for my badness, or if I have to tell you about all my sacrifices for people that do not recognize my sacrifices? That only marks me as a self-centered nobody bragging on my own self!

But, if I share my heart with you on what goes on with me, my blessings, my troubles & tribulations and mainly my gratitude to our Father for all of it—that’s genuine—the real stuff—I ain’t pulling your leg for whatever selfish reason I might have!

In that case, I am only witnessing of the Presence of our Father/Creator in my heart full to the brim with love for you all! I am not giving you any bonk about anything! True blue me, by the grace & power of our Father/Creator!

For the truth of the matter is, no human being can achieve true, genuine character by the power of human nature, to avail for eternity!

Naked fact to be seen yet: All virtues acquired by the human power to do whatever a human sets his mind to do, all, all such virtues at the end, will be like stones around one’s neck to sink you deep into the unknown world of Satan!

That’s the meaning of many misquoted chapters on love like 1 Corinthians 13! And that’s the reason why Yahushua & the ancient prophets warned us over & over from the beginning to the end of the Scriptures,

DO NOT lean on your own understanding! BECOME as a little child!

In my heart and in our Father’s sight I am just that little child and by far! To depend on my brilliant mind is not in my agenda any longer! Hum! I learned obedience by the things I suffered while I was an educated fool!

Now, it is not that I am psyching myself up to be a child or that I have no use for mind, no, not at all! I don’t even think on that line!

I am just living that kind of life as of a carefree child, and coming up with all kinds of wisdom without even thinking about it!

And somehow, I know that eventually we all shall come to that blessed point in our earthly journey!

O what a blessed moment that will be! When we see what I and many others see and sing & shout the victory over our own selves and over that treacherous evil being that goes by the proper name of Satan!

Do I get me a like or a coveted comment to connect with someone? Perhaps! One never knows! But I see that with every single post, I get me a new follower and the old followers remain in my list! Ha! Ha! HalleluYah!
His love in my heart for all, thia/Basilia

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