30 Jun 2015

To All Readers Of These Posts ….

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Monday, June 29, 2015 at 9:45 pm
Father, You know how discouraged I am because of the ways of the people in this part of the world! Of course, it is not just the people over here but, the people in the world at large!
Tuesday, June 30, 2015 at 12:32 pm
Father, I made it through blue Monday! Now I am ready to record things objectively. To see the way You see things is a trembling matter! Unfortunately Your people has chosen to close their eyes to the reality of Your Being and Your ways!
To the readers of these posts I wish to make a confession, I do not understand the way that things are much less the way that things will be in the future! But one thing I can guarantee you all, I do not have to understand! The only thing required of me is, to obey and record these things as I am experiencing those things in the sight of our Father/Creator!
Furthermore, I am aware that the things that I record and proclaim in these blogs are incredulous for most all that happen to disagree with the matters that I record! And why not? All the matters that I record are in total disagreement with everything—good & bad that the mind of man has conceived!
It all amounts to the basically matter of disobedience from the moment that we were created! The record of our beginning has turned out to be no more than a fictional story for the most intelligent of human beings!
Civilization, culture, education demands the deification of the human mind—therein lies the basis of our disobedience and the corruption of this world that we inhabit! For the whole world, both religious & secular is stuck in doing only what seems best to do according to our own understanding!
The whole world is consumed in eating from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil! A sober message to a world caught in the revelry of success and corruption. Anything goes, even in the midst of a moralistic & self-righteous society of human beings! May this world pause, in the midst of its success’ revelry, to hear, to heed the warning coming from above.
This warning has gone forth from the beginning of time. Therefore, people has grown callous and immune thinking that it will never happen! Even so, our Loving Father/Creator has not and will not give up on us!
It is not the will of our Father/Creator that anyone should perish! Thus He is now, again, raising the most unlikely individuals to proclaim this warning to the whole world! In addition, our Father/Creator is giving His mouth pieces all the means available to proclaim the message to avail all for eternity should all heed the warning it contains!
Thus, things are developing for yours truly the way they are developing. I do not know much about blogging and socializing and commenting. I do try to respond but most of the time my response is not acknowledged so, I am keeping quieted, just watching!
For it puzzles me how many are following the blogs I create and I hear from them a couple of times, then, only very few acknowledge the subsequent posts that I publish with a ‘like’ but no comment.
I am writing this post mainly for my followers. I want you all to know that even when I do not hear from you, it is my hope that you continue to read and reflect and benefit from the matters published!
By the way, I have put Power From On High in the market as per the leading from the Master. The way things are developing has nothing to do with any efforts in my part to become rich & famous or even just famous!
So, even without my efforts, all of a sudden, I am a published author! Evidently I needed that status to proceed with the plan our Father/Creator has for me! For now He is leading me to use my Author’s Site to update all the books I have written one by one and offer those for free and a voluntary donation.
And guess what? I already got all the info on how to follow my Master’s lead! Ha! Ha! HalleluYah! Only it is keeping me busy as a bee making honey and, I have no time whatsoever even to think much less to do anything else other than, editing & writing posts as my Master gives those to me! Hope you all keep reading & following those posts, for your benefit and the honor of our Father/Creator!
His love in my heart for all, thia/Basilia

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