25 Jun 2015

Hello Over There Yonder Workers For The Lord! Our Father In Heaven Wants Children Not ‘Workers’ At All!

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Thursday, June 25, 2015 at 3:24 am
O my Father! When are You going to halt Your children from their frantic labor to work either for You or for them? I watched a video of several young men, evidently these young men are passionate about helping the homeless.
In addition I have been watching the giants of the digital industry intent in making successful digital entrepreneurs out of us all rookies! Of course! My inquiring mind exclaims, What all of this means, my Father? And I been pondering the matter all day!
Because of the wisdom from above given to me lately, I see so much in either situation! These situations no longer affect me as they did in the past. For it seems to me that I am now empowered to see things objectively for what those things are not for how I feel or think about such situations!
Therefore, as I pondered the matter today I saw clearly how both of these groups of people are into good & noble works and, I thought, what’s wrong with that? These noble individuals are rightfully applauded and sought after by the multitudes including yours truly! What gives my Father? Father’s answer was quick to come,

“My child, these noble individuals are workers! Some work for Me! Some work for themselves! And the multitudes follow in their footsteps! Thus are the ways of this world that you all inhabit!
Even so My child, I am not looking for workers in one side or the other whether they are righteous or unrighteous workers! I am not impressed with the goodness & righteousness of the human nature! What is it then that I am looking for in mankind?
I am looking for children! What kind of children am I looking for? I am looking for the grownups with a child’s heart! Whether that be a woman or a men at any age, I am looking at the heart of each one of them!
Do that man or woman or even that child possess a child’s heart and looks to Me as a Father to take care of him? My child, I know you! You have the child’s heart that I am looking for! For I chose to give you that heart for My own reasons regardless all your human deficiencies!
Thus, it puzzles you to see all these noble individuals doing all kinds of noble work which you lack to do at the present time. You sense something is amidst in the hustle & bustle of all the goodness in this world! But have not been able to articulate the matter until today! Why?
For the simple reason of My timing for everything under the sun, My child! My appointed time is now for you to see clear what others are still not clear about! For what purpose?
My purpose is to impregnate the child’s heart in all willing to receive that heart in like manner as you have done! Thus I have assigned unto you the task to compile Power From On High!
Nonetheless, I know of your doubts & fears as the days go by without much of a response from your loved ones! And you wonder about the matter. Even so, I see your child’s heart replete with My love—the kind of love that makes your doubts & fears vanish just as quickly as those attempt to usurp your trust in Me. O but how you delight My being, precious child of Mine!
My child, what is the Power From On High in your possession? That child’s heart replete with My love is the Power From On High that I have ingrained in your soul!
The content of Power From On High is the record of how I ingrained that child’s heart within your being in the course of many years, day by day, moment by moment as the months and the years flew by until the moment that My child settled down in My Presence.
Indeed My child! A child’s heart within a men is My one requirement to establish a relationship of Father & child! No amount of work whether noble or ignoble shall avail to anyone now or in the future! I am looking for children not for workers!”

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His love in my heart for all, thia/Basilia

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