14 Jun 2015

On My 77th Birthday—77 Means Complete & Perfect…Read On And Enjoy My Day With Me!

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Sunday, June 14, 2015 at 12:45 am

The 7th day of rest ended but my rest in You my Father goes on & on! Today marks my 77th year since my birth in these earthly grounds!

For the first time in my life I have not mention my birthday to anyone this time! I’ll see what You have in store for me! For now I am heading to my bed for I had a full day of rest yesterday and I finished doing all the posting inspired to post.

Sunday, June 14, 2015 at 7:45 am

Hurrah! And Ha! Ha! HalleluYah! What in the world am I now Hurrahing and Ha! Ha! HalleluYahing about this time? Well, we all know that Hurrah is a cheer or a shout of victory! And my unique Ha! Ha! Expresses my joy in HalleluYah which means praise to Yah—short for Yahuwah the Almighty Creator of our beings and the One that originates all good things that I do!

That being said, what is it that has elevated my emotional machine to thus exclaim? Well, my emotions have escalated this day because I have suddenly open my eyes to see rather to glimpse at the immensity of my Father’s love, kindness and patience with yours truly!

I am talking about going 30 years back since my Father began the transformation of my being! Suddenly! My mind flashed to a moment in 1985 and my Father’s words came alive to resound in my being again!

O my Master—my Beloved Yahuweh/Yahushua You spoke to my heart on the morning of August 8, 1985. You said to me at that moment:

“I have been shaping you into a vessel, a beautiful vessel to hold flowers, beautiful flowers of love.  These flowers are not yours, they belong to Me and I give them to whom I please: you are only holding them as they sit in the water of My love with which I have filled you. You cannot give out these flowers on your own, because you are only a vessel holding them; but I will send you those to whom I have given the flowers you are holding; some will pick just the flowers from you, and some will pick you up, and use you to bring good news and cheer to others.  Rest in Me and hold My flowers. Do not put your own flowers in that vessel of yourself; because they are the flowers that wilt and don’t last; but the flowers that I am letting you hold will last forever.”

And what kind of flowers are those Father?  I asked. And You said to me: 

”You are only the vessel to hold these flowers and you need not to know what kind of flowers they are, again I say, rest on Father and just know that you are holding MY flowers and not your flowers.”

Then You spoke to me a second Word to answer my dilemma at that time. I asked, “Father? Are You trying to tell me to quit looking at what I do and what I say and just to rely on You that what I am saying comes from You and what I am is what You are working with and that You are in control and to quit doubting everything because it doesn’t fit exactly with what I think and what I reason to be Okay, Father? And You answered me,

“I am not trying to tell you. I am telling you. I am telling you just that.  You look, you wobble, you go back and forth like a seesaw because you are taking your eyes off of ME. Even in your typing that is what is happening to you, you take your eyes off the master copy to look at what you are copying. You are being self-conscious. Fix your eyes on Me, I am your Master, I am in control, relax, I have taken your yoke and done away with it, now take My yoke, for My yoke is easy.” 

Father, help me! I pleaded. And with Your infinite patience You told me,

“I am helping you, I am talking to you plainly, and you know I have touched you and made you whole. Quit trying to perfect My work.  Relax and do your work and know that you are doing well. Whenever you remember something you have forgotten, realize that I reminded you of it, and that I allow you to forget about certain things for My own reasons, even if you don’t understand My reasons.  You are not to know everything now because you can’t take it, it will blow your mind. Picture yourself as a vessel, but in your human nature you have a narrow mind, the body of your mind is tremendous, but your mind is narrow at the entrance, there is only so much that can go in at one time, that is why I have to pour slowly and gently in order to fill you, and that is why I have to shape you to enlarge your opening so I can fill you.  Relax about your writing. You will write and you will get published and I will use your writings. That is why I gave you the gift of writing, for you to used it for My esteem and honor. It is not for you to use your gift for your own purposes and gains.  I’ll do the work, as a matter of fact I have already done it. So don’t worry about anything.  Take everything in this day an know that My name will be esteemed because you have obeyed and trusted Me and placed Me in the center of your being. Therefore every little flaw in you has been taken care of.  You are a finished work because I am finished—I finished My work when Yahushua suffered for you at the stake!”

WOW! And this on my 77th birthday! What a gift! Isn’t that a good reason for my emotions to escalate big time? But I have to come down and level out!

I know that You are in control my Father and You are steadying my steps at all times! No longer need to ask for You to help me when Your help is evident in all of my doings!

So what’s next my Father? It’s my 77th birthday, would I hear Your voice on this especial day for me? How about it my Father?

“My precious thia/Basilia, this day marks the completion of the work I have performed in your being in the last 30 years! My work in you is now completed & perfected!

Do that mean that I am finished for you to sit around and enjoy yourself with the comforts of this world? Indeed not! So? Why I have perfected & completed My work in you?

My child, the work has been perfected & completed to empower you as My witness to reach the four corners of the earth with the most powerful message ever to hit the waves of the Internet—the message of the restoration of My chosen people—the Lost Sheep of Yisrael!”

Father? This sort of message has gone forth already to no effect—such message has become an old hat in the ears of Your people and they turn off their attention from it automatically—it means nothing to most all of Your people, they are immune to such message and You know it! What gives my Father?

“My child, I give! This time I am the Giver and Progenitor of this message—big difference from all other messages from false sources given before this time!

Will My people heed this message? By all means they will heed and repent and return to My bosom! For this message is the essence of My Word and My Word will never return void to Me! So it is written,

Isa 55:11  So shall My word be that goes forth out of My mouth: it shall not return to Me void—without producing any effect, useless, but it shall accomplish that which I please and purpose, and it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it.

Therefore My child, do not despair or look around in fear of failure to make the impact that this message I have entrusted on to you!

By all means take advantage of all the resources coming your way by My design & purpose to deliver the message and leave the rest to Me!

For I am making of you a sharp instrument to carve even the highest mountains of human impossibilities & deficiencies!

Go on My child! Fear not! For I am with you to uphold you with My victorious right hand of mercy & justice for all!

In addition, remember, your obedience to My commandments & personal instructions to you no matter the cost is My delight and My delight in your obedience is your strength!”

Onward I am going on the bright road to Kingdom Land! There is no fear in my heart for my Master—my Shepherd is with me leading & directing my every step!

Until the next post!

His love in my heart for all, thia/Basilia

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