15 Aug 2018

What Am I To Do When The Stress Of This World Comes Near?

Awesome Sign Of Our Creator Beckoning His Children To Come Home

Journal—An Ongoing Dialog Between thiaBasilia And Master Yahuwah/Yahushua. …

Tuesday, August 14, 2018 at 3:42 pm.

Now What my Father ….?

It’s late in this afternoon. Been up since before 5 am. Have wrote and published and optimized as You led me to do so far, now what?

Have written several comments not certain if those comments even reach the target. Perhaps those comments go into the trash bin. Who knows?

I Seldom Get A Reply Or Get To Continue The Connection ….?

I seldom get a reply or get to continue the connection with the person I had very much like to relate. Perhaps my expectations are misplaced.

Perhaps I am coming on as a push-over. I see so many bloggers with thousands of comments, but! I seldom get a comment, and when I do? That’s it! A one-time deal.

Even so? A few times I have connected only to be disappointed after a time ….?

At one point I thought I had a real good connection with my Brother at SIWO only to find out the connection was not for real. Why?

To put it bluntly? We are not serving the same Master. My Brother along the multitude at large are serving the Master by the name of Norman Vincent Peale.

No matter how much I admire my Brother? I had to sit back and wait ….?

At first, when I realized the matter? I had hope for the best, but? the worse happened—my Brother took his stand on Norman Vincent Peale.

Positive thinking mixed with the Bible Scriptures? The worse mixture there is. Why ….?

The saddest part is that this false teaching is mixed with the Bible Scriptures. The most effective mixture to seduce even the most elect of our Father. Recalling this incident?

The stress that comes near me around this hour of the day. What to do, My Father?

“Come to Me all of you who are heavy laden with the stress of this world. Come to Me, My precious thiaBasilia. Come to Me exactly as you are doing now.

Fear not! I am always aware of the stress that comes your way at any time.

Fear not! I am in control of it all. This moment shall soon come to pass with the heat of the day.

No matter what comes your way? I am with you. I never leave nor forsake you.

My promises to you shall soon materialize. I am aware of your faithfulness.

You are living and enjoying My Presence now. You are not waiting for My promises to materialize.

My promises have already materialized in your heart. That’s a delight to My being.

I am delighted with your sense of humor. I am equally delighted with your presence.

Your disappointments are inevitable, but! they serve the purpose for you to seek Me in your time of need.

Seek Me not another human being. No human being has the power to satisfy your deepest need of genuine relationships.

Relationships founded by the power of My love and wisdom not by the power of any human being’s approval or disapproval of you.

Necessary for all to come in touch with the real you ….?

Post this matter next. It’s necessary for all to come in touch with the real you.

With the ‘you’ I have created to impact the world. I have exposed the ‘you’ of the past.

Now is time to expose the ‘you’ of the present. Thus? My plan of restoration of My creation to the original intent for its creation is in effect.

My plan to restore My children along with My creation is developing in perfect timing.

I see your hope to see your Brother from SIWO return to you along with the many who have been disappointed for lack of understanding, but!

Remember Hope ….?

Remember, My child, My precious thiaBasilia—a child of My heart, remember: Hope is the evidence of things not yet seen with the physical eye.

You are living in that evidence not yet seen. Thus? You delight My Being.

Sooner than you realize? It will all materialize by My power of love and wisdom for you all. Rejoice, My beloved thiaBasilia. Rejoice!

Your redemption draws nigh. Even now before the return of My Beloved Son. Again, I say, rejoice! And don’t forget to keep up with your ‘pepper water’—the extreme I send to you for good reason—to make you laugh amid your bodily discomforts.” End of quote.

There I go! Hysterical again, but ….?

Ha! My Father? I’m on my second batch. Is working! Soon? I might attract many takers not just to the ‘pepper water’ but! to the Originator of such water just for us extremists in Your ways. Hahaha! HalleluYah!

Even the ants are staying away from me! Father knows the power of that cayenne pepper. That pepper and turmeric must be some of the fruits from the tree of life!

Who knows? The evil ants and the roaches can’t live with the touch of cayenne pepper or turmeric. What a finding!

Next Post? The results of my Hysteria. No problem. It ends well. You’ll see.

Much love to you all. thiaBasilia.

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