10 Nov 2015

What A Day Of Rejoicing That Will Be When We All See Yahushua Descending Within Our Hearts To Forever Calm & Dispel The Raging Waves Of The Perennial Storms Beating On Us At All Times!

Hush now! Be still, muzzled! And the wind ceases, sinks to rest as if exhausted by its beating and…

Wednesday, November 4, 2015 at 5:38 am
O my Father! What a day of rejoicing that will be when we all see Yahushua descending within our hearts to forever calm & dispel the raging waves of the perennial storms beating on us at all times!
Hush now! Be still, muzzled! And the wind ceases, sinks to rest as if exhausted by its beating and there is, immediately, a great calm a perfect peacefulness. The Yahushua asleep on the leather cushion of our carnal comforts in the stern of our boat, arises to so proclaim.
In the meantime, we live a life ignorant of that magnificent Presence in the stern of our boats. So, we battle the raging waves with our bare hands considering ourselves to be the stalwarts of courage and power.
Alas! The storms in our souls beat us to the bottom of the brown ground. We squirm & twist and our heads we lift up, still refusing to give up! Go figure it!
Seven years watching this phenomena take place, still can’t figure it out! The power of selfish love cannot be any match for those raging waves.
Even so, this battle of horrors is most satisfying to that carnal nature ingrained within our beings. When will it all end?
When Yahushua arises and proclaim the storm to hush, be still, be muzzled, that’s when it all ends to begin a peaceful journey in the Presence of Yahushua, Messiah!
Wednesday, November 4, 2015 at 7:54 am
Time to go get passport renew. The transaction went through with no problem. I shall have my new passport in ten days max.
Wednesday, November 4, 2015 at 1:02 pm
I fear no man. I fear to stand still and do nothing while Your name is vilify by the human instruments of Satan.
Perhaps that human instrument of Satan happens to be my own child, even then I will uphold Your Mighty Name, Yahuwah/Yahushua even with the last breath that I could take!
Thursday, November 5, 2015 at 2:01 am
Father? Yesterday is gone leaving me in wonder of Your doings. My concern or fear that people or even my own self could doubt my genuineness lingers in my mind. Even so, I trust You in spite of whatever anyone or even my own self thinks or feels about me; I know that You are in control of all my doings.
Thus my bursts of anger when Ahmad refuses to understand that I do not speak to him out of my mind or feelings. He tells me that he believes yet, his actions tells me that he doesn’t and I go ballistics, why?
Because, by his actions, he vilifies Your name even if he does it in ignorance of what he is doing under the influence of the monster. So why, O my Father, why do You allow all of this commotion to take place?

“My child, because I want you along with all who read these words, to understand exactly what is taking place in the case of Ahmad as well as is the case with all of My children.
Ahmad does believe. The harsh reality of his present living conditions overcome his belief and the monster takes over his mind throwing him into a monster himself.
Therefore, at your request, I have caused Ahmad to open his eyes to see his predicament and call for My help. As Ahmad confessed to you, immediately, I am restoring to him his rightful place in the business of this world. Why I did not do this before?
Simply because, Ahmad needed to learn that without Me, he is absolutely powerless to help his own self. Thus is the same situation with all of My beloved children.
Furthermore, such is the reason for My judgement coming first to My house. For My house is not contained only in the Church structure that man has now corrupted.
Judgement is coming to this false Church structure built by mankind. Thus this ‘Church’ mentality will be a thing of the past as My judgement falls on each individual member of that structure.
The great fallen away will take place but, I will rescue My children from that false ‘Church’ mentality and restore them into My fold.
Thus, My beloved thia/Basilia, you have now entered a period of rest & peace & joy inexplicable and full of My esteem and the half has never yet been told.
This is the same thing that you have been singing with each conquered feat. Even so, your song has been shut down with each onslaught from Satan.
For the onslaughts from Satan aim to destroy your joy with fear & doubt of My faithfulness towards you. Once that fear & doubt enters your mind, you cease such a song for a time.
It is the same with each one of My children. once fear & doubt enters your mind, you cannot any longer sing such a song.
Regardless, this song is now a virtual reality in your journey along the perfect companions that I have assigned unto you including your beloved Ahmad!
Yes! My beloved thia/Basilia, it’s beginning to rain! The drops of the latter rain are now a reality in your life and the life of Ahmad.
Rejoice! Lift up your voices and sing your praises into My ears for such praises from My restored children is what I have been working for all of these long years!”

Thursday, November 5, 2015 at 5:42 am/6:54 am
Father? Your words leave me speechless for a moment. The awe of Your doings overtakes me. I want to shout, I want to sing then, I know that I must remain calm & quiet.
I go about my every day affairs. Pat & Andrea, two of the perfect companions You have assigned unto me come to mind. I called and share with both of them the wonders of Your doings.
The three of us rejoiced together! Onward I am going. Big or Tiny questions! Big or Tiny Frustrations! Whoping disappointments always in the making! Singing & praising & joyfully leaping, fearless I’m going on and on! Regardless!
What will it be next, my Father? I refuse to especulate. I wait on You. In the meantime I hope for inspiration on how to proceed with the books. Ah! I must check the status of Power From On High!

I checked. I found a comment.
Thursday, November 5, 2015 at 11:31 am
I just wrote a reply to a comment. This is what You inspired me to write,

I sense that we are talking about the same thing. Like yourself, I was an observant child. And yes, perhaps, I was also shy. My outlet was tears, tears, tears that earned me the label of a disturbed child! I learned to read at a very young age and absorbed tons of the fantasy of so many tales in those books. So, I grew up in fantasy land.
Still in my teens the harsh reality of corruption knocked me down to the brown ground. No human power was there to lift me up all those nightmare hellish of years. Until,
The due time came for my Father in the heavens to intervene–Yahushua stepped into my tumultuous life and radically changed my being from the inside out.
Since that memorable event, I have learned that no matter whatever we or any others human being speculates or wonder or debate or whatever, there is only one simple thing to do. What that would be?
Don’t pay mind to your own thinking or feelings, much less pay mind to other people’s thinking or feelings.
Submit your will mind & emotions and you will find out how simple that task can become more sooner than later!
Then, find yourself in the pinnacle of the highest mountain of contentment in spite of the carnal nature discontentment!
Furthermore, it is then when the power of love from on high becomes the glue to piece us all together into a beautiful tapestry to delight His Being! Go figure it! Praise be to Father Yah, I already did! Ha! Ha! HalleluYah!

Submit your will, mind and emotions to the Almighty Creator of our beings, our Heavenly Father that is Easily said but hardly to do. Will see it in the next post….

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  1. Thia, this brought me to tears from the first paragraph. I am speechless. You words are The Word – I don’t know how or why. You ripped me from my body. Thank you. Please visited my site often, and I will yours. Stay connected. I need this light. I’m off to Africa for a month tomorrow, may not have any internet, but I hope I can read more of your Truth when I return. Rejoice! God bless! The light commeth. James XX

    1. O my dear, dear friend, if you only knew. Anyhow, I been in S. Africa but not in Africa. Great friends in S.A. I’ll miss you. Looking forward to your return. Much love, thia. 🙂

  2. Interesting post! I’m glad I stop by your blog when I was looking for inspiration around the blogosphere. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Will be looking forward to more of your posts in future.

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