23 Feb 2021

From The Ground To The Clouds. Not In For A Popularity Contest. My Master Set Me Up Otherwise …?

The Things That He Has Me Publish Are Only For The Especial Ones In His Tribe ….? Ha! Sometimes? Many Likes. Other Times? Hardly Any …? I woke up to see only four likes to the post I posted earlier today. I wondered as usual. But this time I noticed a new follower. Ah! It […]

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29 Jan 2021

The Wrath Descending Upon Us. The Messengers? Urging, Urging, Urging! But?

The Pitfalls In The Ways We Express Ourselves …? The People …? Like It Was In The Times Of Noah. Why …? We Are Told Not To Judge But The Same Ones Doing The Telling Are Misjudging Us! No Wonder … The MASTER …? Behold! His Power Of Love and Wisdom Descending Upon Us All […]

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27 Jan 2021

Why Likes And Comments Are Deceiving, Misleading To Me? …

The Gratitude Route To Combat The Blahs …? Leaders. Followers. Who Am I Following …? Ah! Ha! Positive Over Negative. It’s Not My Fault. Blame It On The Woman/Man That You Gave Me …? Nay! Don’t blame. Gratitude. Thanks For That Woman/Man …? Thanks? WHAT? But that woman cheated on me. But that man is […]

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