15 Mar 2021

This Year 2021? Implanted Beauty Surfacing …

Etiquette Or Distasteful Hypocrisy Recessing … Implanted Beauty Versus Worldly Etiquette … Implanted Beauty along eternity in men’s hearts and minds. Worldly Etiquette Or Distasteful Hypocrisy meaning Good Behavior in the outside no matter how ugly we could be in the inside. History Repeats Itself But! History Shall No Longer Repeat From 2021 On To […]

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26 Feb 2021

Leaders And Followers? Confused! The Flaming Fuse Guiding, Mind Blinding …?

Yesterday? Ready To Conquer The World! This Morning? Not Too Sure …? But Isn’t That The Way The Ball Bounces? No kidding! No wonder my cringing fears! Who this little girl at heart can trust? Ah! But Your heart of mercy! You saw there was no intercessor. You came to our rescue. Isaiah 59:14-21. Waiting […]

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