28 May 2020

The Root For The Colossal Chaos Confusion Corruption In This So Loved World? Anger! Unconditional Love! …

Solution? I AM LOVE Above All Circumstances In My Creation Says The Creator … Out Of Represed Anger Up Pops Unconditional Love, Why? We live in a conditional love society of human beings. This society takes its toll when we faithfully attempt to abide by all its so-called loving conditions only to suffer the greatest […]

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24 May 2020

What Is Love? What Is That Elusive Love Which People So Flipantly Mouth Around …?

Wow! As Lightening The Power Of Love Strikes Our Natural Minds To Set Us Free! … My Goodness! What In The World Does It All Mean, My Master? … “O thiaBasilia—O Child Of My Heart? All those numbers in sequence hold My interpretation of your belt dream. I AM LOVE. The LOVE you been searching for […]

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