15 Aug 2020

“When One Member Of My Body Hurts The Whole Body Hurts As Well.” The Master Tells Me …

Hello World! The Bible Is Not A Myth. It Is REALITY! … Emerging Beauty Within You And Me On The Aftermath … Sunday, August 9, 2020 at 2:56 pm Centuries gone by. History repeating itself. Is it time yet my Master? Time yet? For the humankind’s history to become history with no repeats. It is […]

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9 Aug 2020

What Happened? Ha! Read The Sequence Of Events After The Great Response To The Last Post …

These Are No Times For Frivolous Fun But Still? … Alice In Wonderland Comes To Mind … Yeap! Like fanatic fools we set up in search for that wonderful Wizard of Oz. O well! No need to rehash. You are turning around the fantasy of Wonderland in our minds. And? For Sure, That Is What […]

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29 Jul 2020

On These Days Of COVID-19 Crisis? Emotions. Opinions. Solutions. Resolutions Fly High Along With Romantic Love And Sizzling Hate, But! …

Fear Not! The Truth To Set Us Free? Separation Of It All And The True Love From On High … Posted. New Post. Ahmad Just Called. I Spoke Truth To Him … From here on out I will continue to share my witness of the truth to set us free now and forever to be. […]

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27 Jul 2020

People Pleaser. Unsolicited Help. So Many Eager To Help The Helpers. Hahaha! Funny Bunch That We Are! …

Helpers Helping Helpers To No Avail! Only One Source to avail. It is Surfacing On This 2020 Year With The COVID-19 Fear … Master? I Sense You Are Leading Me To Upgrade Windows … Friday, July 17, 2020 at 12:24 am. The beauty of everything I am doing now is that You are in control […]

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25 Jul 2020

The Tribe To Surpass All Human’s Tribes Is Now To Be A Reality. Loved To Love …

What Does It Mean? It Means The Purpose For Covid-19. The Aftermath? The Tribe Under The First And Most Important Of The Commandments …   I Find Myself Puzzled. I Am An Extraordinary Human …? Tuesday, July 21, 2020 at 4:59 pm. The best part? O my Master! It really is extraordinary the way You […]

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