3 Nov 2020

What If You Purpose To Take President Trump Away From Your People Today? …

November? Disorder And Judgment Or Forgivingness A Matter Of The Will. And Now? You Shall Prevail Against The Disorder In Our Lives … Sunday, November 1, 2020 at 10:14 am. What do I know? I have entered this 11th month of 2020 year under the duress of eye pain. You know what and why this […]

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18 Oct 2020

The Great Tribulation Is Now Nearer Than Has Ever Been, But! …

Who Is Paying Mind To Such Ominous Prophesied Fact? Well? Time To Let The Pieces Of Broken Romanticism Go! … Time now to let Your love shine in all lines. Time to love with and in Your love. Your love? The crazy glue to fix the broken pieces of romanticism. Here is the illustration: What […]

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9 Oct 2020

The Nightmare Had Begun! But Soon The Dream Shall Come On …

The Whirlwind Descended. Account Is Taken And Given. Transition Completed … The Final Cycle For Your thiaBasilia … The hour and the moment? The 11th hour. Double fives before the 12th hour. What is the meaning of this moment of my life in Your Presence my Master? Quote: The Number Eleven – Disorder and Judgment […]

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