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The latest on thiaBasilia’s saga.

Anew. Afresh. Recreated to get us through these troublesome days. So much to think about. Anew family? It seems to me I am giving a chance to start at the beginning to set things the way things were supposed to be. The three lil tikes in this heading are my great grandchildren from my grandson Brian whom I have yet to meet. For now, I am in the Canady family along my 3 daughters, Diana Canady, Denise Roussel, and Roxana White. Anew. Afresh—Family from 2023 on. Who knows what the future holds for me, for us?


I Am Grateful For This Life …

I Embrace The Power Of Inner Stillness …

I Bravely Step Into The Unknown …

Yes, those three headings came today in the Daily Motivation I have finally subscribed to. Why did I subscribe to this Community Family. Simply, I have secretly lived my life guided by mysterious messages that come to me in dreams & visions, in the meaning of numbers & the clouds & birds & flowers, and many other unsuspecting ways, like this email from daily motivation that appeared in my inbox a while ago. Then it stopped. But I remember how appropriate came the answers to whatever I needed guidance at the moment. So? I searched. I found it and subscribed least for now.

Now What? The Unknown …?

The Unknown now claimed to be known. Not so. Indeed! I am prepared to meet the Master Redeemer of my soul. I am not just saying this out of human knowledge and wisdom. For I do have enough knowledge to see the possibility that in 7 days The Abomination That Makes Desolate of Matthew 24, could be set up, but! O there is that but of mine. Why?

O well because of that lovely all powerful secret Guide of mine. He has never failed me, nor will He ever do, of that, I am sure. Therefore, I walk into the unknown fearless and confident at the sound of that lovely voice.

Yes, The Abomination That Makes Desolate has been knocking at our door for centuries with the warning many claim to know when and how it is to happen.

It is now Friday, September 15, 2023, at 8:54 pm. It has been a day! But I am tired, frustrated, and? Sleepy I guess for I am not comfortable at all! Heading for bed.

Learning To Walk Physically Alone …?

In the daytime among human beings? Alone. At nighttime, walking on a road aside a dangerous cliff, alone. Where did everybody go? They were with me at first but now they have disappeared. I am lost. Where am I going?

I Woke Up. Have I? …

Honestly, sometimes I don’t know whether I am awake or still sleeping. I just laid there for a moment. I begin to put things together. The question, Where are You, my Beloved? Silence. I struggle to get up. Is it all an illusion? What in heaven’s name is for real? “You are not alone My Beloved thiaBasilia. I am with you whether you feel or sense My Presence. I am not an illusion or a figment of your imagination. I am your reality. I am with you whether I am far or near. I am always with you. Wake up! I am giving you the power to walk alone into the unknown that only I know. Fear not!”

And So? In Rain Or Shine I Walk Alone Yet …?

I am not alone. Sometimes I feel like a nut. Sometimes I don’t. What is this thing we call feelings? Ha! So much written unwritten in fancy paper even in stones both ways to be torn or broken up. Do I sound quite pompous and resentful. That’s because I am. But why deny or defend myself? Because it is of no use. The truth needs not my defense. The TRUTH is the Advocate that set me free.

I Am Free! Empowered To Walk Alone But! …

I am no longer lost on a road going nowhere. Sunday, September 17, 2023, at 7:17 am. At this point in my anew, afresh, recreated life I refuse to memorize any technique or routine to live in the human concept of happiness and peace and freedom. I heartly embrace the leading & guidance of that lovely voice within my being. Phew! THAT’S TRUE FREEDOM! Not a learned practice, only the outcome of my submission to the only Being worthy of my submission & obedience as it’s promised.

Blessings for Obedience …

Read it in your own Bible, it’s written in Deuteronomy 28:1-14.

I will start piecing all things together ASP I can figure out how to fix the menu plus all mess-ups in the site.  lov, thia.

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