How Am I Coming Through? Not So Good. No Worries. No Apology. Truth Is Truth. No Need To Apologize.

As the rays of the sun shines so does the Presence of the Son
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Wednesday, June 29, 2016 at 4:24 pm

O my Father—O Father of mine? You are so good to me. I got my first negative and caustic feedback. I know this feedback came from You to open my eyes to see my carnal self in action once again. Quote,

And, to be honest this sounds like you just want me to end up buying your book or going to ur blog. PLUS it looks like you think you’re a self-help Christian guru. I may be Christian but I don’t take kindly to people assuming things about me and telling me what to do considering everyone is unique and has unique experiences. We aren’t all the same, yet all Self-Help books treat people that way. If you read my blog, you would see I actually have posts about the whole thing being a money making scheme to sell books and hosts seminars and speak at churches- again painting everyone with the same brush and claiming they KNOW THE TRUTH TO SALVATION AND A HEALTHY LIFE.

But send away if you want to. I don’t mind receiving work. I do like when I receive work from people who have read mine, have followed me and are inspirational themselves. From what I read on your page, you don’t seem that way.

Blow me away! I am guilty. In my eagerness to sell the Dysfunctional Mother In A Dysfunctional Family? I did not realize how I was coming through.

Definitely? I do not belong in the marketing arena. I have learned much. Bryan emphasizes honesty. I like that. I will discontinue the course though because? Not only I cannot afford it but also I cannot go along with the underlying motives for the whole process.

Let’s face it? All is done to get reviews, to get emails, to get buyers to make money. Like in the feedback of today? The whole thing being a money making scheme to sell books and hosts seminars and speak at churches- again painting everyone with the same brush and claiming they KNOW THE TRUTH TO SALVATION AND A HEALTHY LIFE.

That is the naked truth and? I have no intentions to continue traveling in that wagon. I will continue to remind all to buy the one book I will offer for sale but? All goals and ambitions I could have about the situation are all secondary. The book stands for itself. It is worth the read.

It is not that I do not aspire to fame & fortune at all. I am a human being and of course as such there is always that subtle hypocrisy lurking in my mind, but?

Father knows all about it and? He always exposes my sneaky, snaky, wicked ways. Thus the feedback for today. It is said, ‘the end justifies the means’ but? That is not necessarily so.

O well? There are so many sayings as many as there are people and opinions and reasoning based on what seems good to the human mind. Not all that shines is gold. That’s for sure. So?

What’s my lesson for today? Again, “Quit trying & start trusting” Ha! I thought I had already learned that lesson, O my Father—O Father of mine? Guess the feedback today was just a friendly reminder of what I already know. Hahaha! HalleluYah!

My motive to sell the book is to gain respect from new readers. It seems to me that people has not any respect for free books since the bona fide authors recognized in the field do not offer their books for free. Let’s face it, I am not anywhere near bona fide.

Of course, I have benefitted from the many free books to learn different skills to equip anyone to earn a living. That is good. And that is different. But then? It is like it is said in the feedback—It is all about making money.

I have tried to be personal with the authors of these books to no avail, why? Because they fear my distasteful hypocrisy to get something for nothing. To take advantage of their generosity. To tell the truth? That is what I have been doing even when I could not see it until this moment.

Father is in control. I will continue to mention to all the sale of the book but? I will not change my own personal approach to the matter as Father leads me to do. Anyone wants to buy it? That’s good. No one wants to buy it? That’s just as good. No worries.

I respect the noble intentions of Bryan & the rest. I simply do not fit in the marketing world. No hard feelings. The opposite is the truth. I love you all.

His love in my heart for all, thiaBasilia.


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