My past? Dysfunctional. My present? WOW!

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Monday, June 27, 2016 at 4:42 am

Ha! What do ye know? What to post today? Fessing up time. My past? Dysfunctional. My present? WOW!

Alright? My sordid past? I was so ugly it is no wonder that two husbands dumped me and? Never found a third one.

My present? I am walking now on my 77th since my birth and? I have already been proposed by excellent gentlemen, but? Not now. Father says, wait. really and in all honesty? Marriage to me? I just can’t even imagine it. To live and be committed to another human being instead of enjoying my blessed privilege to live alone in the Presence of my Father? I just can’t even imagine it!

Alright? Let’s not talk about marriage in the past or the present. Let’s talk about me—my favorite subject. Talking about our own selves? Isn’t that what most of us enjoy?

Know what? I am just now realizing my warped past concepts. Because I am always talking about myself? Many a ones, called me ‘self-centered’ and dump me! Ah! Boohoo. Boohoo. Boohoo! That’s the past.

The present? I absolutely don’t mind telling you, talking about myself? My favorite subject, and? People loves it. Oh?

Would you like me talking about you? How can I do that, do tell me? How can I do that when I do not know your heart? When you give me a chance to see a lil’ bit about you, whether good or evil? Indeed! I talk about you.

Otherwise? I relish making public all my goods—whether of inferior or superior quality, but? It is all under the control and direction of the invisible power of love from on high. Oh?

Oh well? You got to continue reading my posts to verify or confirm my statement. Know what else?

In the past? People did not like being around me for too long. In the present? The same people are now wanting to hear more of me telling them about me. How ‘bout that? And the best part?

People is beginning to mind what I am saying about me, why? I think it is because I am like a mirror to a lot of unknowns to me. That’s a wonderful thought! Hope it is so.

Anyhow I am sleepy again. Think I’m going back to sleep just as soon as I post this here so interesting post. Don’t you think so?

His love in my heart for you and for all, thiaBasilia.


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