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Friday, June 17, 2016 at 12:18 pm
Perfect silence at the moment. In a few minutes? The sound of voices like a pack of howling wolves which disturb this perfect silence and myself as well? Those voices for sure cause my soul a moment of hurt even in my skull! No problem. Let them howl. Me? I sing with my soul & heart in the spring that my Father to me always bring!
Saturday, June 18, 2016 at 4:18 am
Pause. Reflect. O thiaBasilia child of My heart? Pause. Reflect. How you got to be at where you are at? O my Father—O Father of mine? I do pause. I do reflect. Sometimes to no effect. So many trails on that respect.
Right now I am wondering. Right now I am pondering. Why alone ourselves so many times we are finding? I remember June. I remember Barbara. And ah! Do I remember my beloved Betsy Mae? Alone they sit. No one in sight for a visit. And me? In the mountains of North Caroline. In the valleys of Louisiana. Up on the roof in Jordan? There I sit no one in sight for a visit. How is this to be, O my Father—O Father of mine? Even so?
Now of me You inquire. “How you got to be at where you are at?” How my Father—O Father of mine, how? How I got to be at where I am at? I pause. I reflect. So many trails. So many fails. Life is mostly all travail. What is to be done? O my Father—O Father of mine. What is to be done? What is what I must do. What is it that You want for me to do now that I got at where I am at?
In the roof I sit aloof but not really alone at that, for now I know what is what. Oh? Well? Perhaps at times I know what is what and take comfort at that but for the most? It all bypass my highest thoughts. It is all far beyond the understanding of my soul. So what?
It’s only me. No biggie. The world does not revolve around me. Why do I insist & persist in acting as if me is the king pin in the skim of all things? Silly me? But O my Father—O Father of mine. Why of me You inquire? What am I to answer? I do not know what am I to answer to Your inquire of How you got to be at where you are at? I do not know the answer to that. I wait on You to show me what is what.
Saturday, June 18, 2016 at 8:57 am
While I dozed off I saw a bright silver kettle sitting on my stove. Then I saw water dripping on it. What it means, my Father—O Father of mine what does it mean?

Spiritually, a kettle represents renewal, rebirth, new beginnings, and magic forces that contribute to the larger good. If you dream of a kettle and tea or coffee this means you can transfer your fears and your vulnerability in life to a positive situation. To dream of seeing a kettle boil shows that you will be much admired by others in the future. To see a washed kettle in your dream signifies a new interest resulting in much joy and happiness that will take over your time. To dream that you are washing a kettle indicates that you will be addicted with love and desire for someone close to you.

WOW! Before I dozed off I said to myself, “The book shall be a success because? You have inspired it from the first line of its conception to the last line of its completion. I must record that phrase to end the Overcoming Dysfunctional Mother.” And I drifted into dream world only to dream of? That big silver kettle sitting on my stove …and? All of that after I told you all that I was cooking on a gas stove. Hahaha! HalleluYah! And this post I end with? A super WOW!

Time will tell of the accuracy of such vivid dream to the esteem of the One that such dream to me has deemed.

His love in my heart for you now faithfully reading this last line of this post and also His love be? To all that in the present or in the past? Have these lines only glanced at quite fast, thiaBasilia.

Overcoming Mother

past? Dysfunctional present? WOW!

Worth its price in GOLD! BUY IT!

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