Go Figure It! I Can’t! … Can You Notice My Disgust? My Birthday Gift Leaves Me Aghast! Even So? It’s All In The Past!

Everything to mankind known in this blog will be shown. Satan’s ploy? To control & destroy. Satan’s instruments to accomplish his ploy? The altars from which all unsuspecting human beings worship Satan. From the TV’s screens to every single house of worship housing each religion known to mankind to all the systems to control the human mind? In this blog you will find for your careful consideration to reline and make your life shine.

Headerdysfunctional bkHERO675 px HiThia’s Journal—An ongoing dialog between thia/Basilia and Master Yahuwah/Yahushua. ….

Tuesday, June 14, 2016 at 3:36 am

Ok! Now? O my Father, O Father of mine! Now is all out in the open—I am selling the book—I am a book seller. And it all came out on my 77th birthday. Really? O thiaBasilia child of my heart, pause. Reflect. Is that all that you are? Is that all that you are selling?

Ah! Let me pause. Let me reflect the matter. Am I a book seller just because I am offering the book to my friends for a price? Hum? What am I to think? What am I to conclude. What kind is my attitude?

Very well. Show me the way. Give me Your hand. Grab on to my hand and? All will be well! In the meantime? I got to post and catch up with the other blogs.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016 at 7:44 am

It’s my 77th birthday my Father? Are You doing something especial for me today? I am secretly hoping that You do but? I know it’s just wishful thinking, why? Because what I am hoping for is, well, is what? Because my Father You know that I don’t know what is it that I want. That’s that. Oh?

O thiaBasilia child of My heart? Pause. Reflect. Have I not created you in My image? What is Your image of Me? Or more explicit? What is an image? Is it not an image an exact likeness of another person or object. Pause. Reflect. Remember the command to be perfect as I am perfect? Perhaps My child, child of Mine? Perhaps you have not yet understood what it means in effect to be perfect?

Hum. Let me pause. Let me reflect. I am sure You’ll to me define, You’ll give something to that effect, am I correct O my Father. O Father of Mine?

roses and so there were rosesRoses are there in my heart right from the start but? On this 77th birthday of mine You are placing that especial red rose like the color of the blood that floods out of Your love to fill my being with the power of Your love from on high directly from far beyond the sky. The blood? Indeed! The blood Your Son spilled on that afternoon so many moons past to give me life. To set me free so to be …to love & be loved …so to be …so to be. Perfect. Perfect. Perfect. That is in effect to be perfect like You are perfect in effect, am I correct? …

Tuesday, June 14, 2016 at 2:56 pm

Alright! Alright my Father? Everybody knows that part of love & being loved. You know that? So? How are You going to get me above this common belief about being perfect in love like You are and? Then we become ‘holy’ lovers of everything in sight but? That’s all for a season and good opportunities. For the most we revert to love whatever it seems good for us to love and? There we stagnate in our fixed personalities that neither You or the devil himself can move us from? How can I figure that, my Father? O Father of mine? How can I?

Wednesday, June 15, 2016 at 12:57 am

Well, O my Father? O Father of mine. My 77th big birthday is gone without the notice of the people that so much I care for. So what? Can’t I not concentrate in the few that my birthday noticed? My human nature. O my accursed human nature! Go figure it. I can’t!

There is no way I can figure out any why. Things are the way they are and only You know why? What do I gain with my figuring? Only pain and more pain to see and feel in the depth of my being? The blunt of what religion and the systems of mankind has made of Your human beings.

If it was not for religion. If it was not for the brilliant human minds. If it was not for man’s opinionated ways. If it was not for the systems & ways of mankind. If it was not for the painful blows that we can deal to each other? We will all be enjoying our gifts and lovely personalities in the sight of Your delight. Go figure it. I surely can’t!

I only know. No need to figure it. I know that His love is in my heart for you and for all. What you do with that love? That’s between you and the Maker & Creator of our beings. To Him be all honor & esteem. For He will His children, His wayward children and in spite of His children’s warped ways? He—our loving Father/Creator us all will He redeem!

thiaBasilia—walking now on her 78th birthday. Can I ever forget about myself and worship Him without any of my whims? And on top of everything? The ants are biting me! Go figure it. I can’t !

Wednesday, June 15, 2016 at 2:35 am

O my Father? Father of mine? You are an awesome Yah! My 77th birthday? Gone! My 78th birthday? Here with a bang! Bang! And no shebang! Where is my disgust leaving me aghast? It’s also gone! No more disgust. No more aghast. It’s all in the past! I am dumbfound—flabbergast!

Tell u all about it in the next go around … with much glad sound! thiaBasilia.

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