Troubled About Others Opinions? Sure! I Am Human, Ain’t I?

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Monday, June 6, 2016 at 1:24 pm

Troubled about others opinions? Sure! I am human, ain’t I? Yeah. Super confident people or the opposite shrug their shoulders with the ‘I don’t care what they think about me!’ but? Really? Don’t they? Either by word or by fate a human being has to care about others opinion unless? You are not human.

O well? I really don’t know what am I talking about. Tell you what? I should be used to the many negative opinions I have been exposed to but? I just can’t get use to the negative opinion of somebody that I admire for one reason or another. So?

In the last couple of days I have come across reminders of people that I so much admired but somehow the admiration was not mutual and? They let me know it. So?

As this matter churned in my mind only a few moments ago? Father spoke to me, “Is it not enough the fact that you delight My Being in spite of all that you or others think about you? Furthermore, O My child, you are not guilty of validating yourself with fictitious facts. The fact is that there is nothing, absolutely nothing fictitious about you or the things that I instruct you to record. Relax. Do not trouble yourself with other peoples’ opinion of you or whatever you write, be that opinion for or against you.”

Father? I see my error and I repent. Your words are a lamp unto my feet and a bastion in my mind to conquer not only negative opinions but also those opinions that inflate my ego or carnal self. Thanks my Father.

Hope. There Is Always HOPE. Quit Trying. Start Trusting.

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