The Blog In Tow? Might Not Be Better Than The Best Of Blogs At Large But? The Blog In Tow? Is Unique With No Comparing With The Best Or With The Worst. That’s The Fact To Be Exact.

A FACE IMPRESSED But? Why Am I Getting All Those Users & Subscribers? What Is A User Or A Subscriber? A Good Thing I Am Told? Oh? Oh? Oh?…

Thia’s Journal—An ongoing dialog between thia/Basilia and Master Yahuwah/Yahushua. ….

Saturday, June 4, 2016 at 3:56 pm

O Father of mine—my Father …it is so good to be Your child—Your beloved child? What more could I ever want for? Nothing at all that I can think of for my good and the good of all.

Hey! Look! In the forums I read Esmi’s reply,

It’s not a security breach. In fact, this could be a Good Thing(tm).

If you check Admin/Settings/General, under Membership you should see that the box entitled “Anyone can register” is ticked and that the “New User Default Role” is set to “Subscriber”. These are the standard settings for any WP blog/site.

Users with the role of Subscriber can’t actually “do” anything on the site but some sites will sometimes offer special, subscriber-only, content.  So someone liked your site so much that he wanted to make sure that, if there were any “specials”, he’d be able to access them. That’s why this is a Good Thing.

Don’t feel obliged to now offer subscriber-only specials. Many blogs don’t bother and people still subscribe as a way of indicating that they’re a fan of the blog and will probably be reading it regularly.

Build up a reasonable list of subscribers and you might want to look at emailing them when you’ve added a particularly good new post (there are plugins for this) or giving them a sneak preview of something that won’t be on public display for a few weeks. All in all, a good sign. Hopefully you’ll start getting a lot more of these. 🙂

And? I got excited and delighted for my ton of subscribers, until? Further down the forum from James Huff I read,

They’re just spam bots hoping that registering will allow them to post comments or actually publish posts. Try this plugin:

If you need more protection, add a CAPTCHA:

O man! Excited and delighted? Now unexcited not delighted for my ton of subscribers I surely am! Away with the spam-my clammy snake-ley ‘maligners’ to my blog that is better than the best of blogs in the sight for my delight. Phew! Time to eat humble pie? Perhaps.

Enough for excitement. The truth of the matter is? Truly, I love & I am loved by the power of love from on high and that, my friends? Is something of much value in the content of the blog that is really not better or worse than the best of blogs. Only?

The blog in tow? Might not be better than the best of blogs at large but? The blog in tow? Is unique with no comparing with the best or with the worst. That’s the fact to be exact.

Case close until the next snare to flare! Still? His love in my heart for you and for all, thiaBasilia

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