I Love And I Am Loved. What More Could I Ever Want For? Hey! My Friends, Do You Really Care To Read These Writings Of Mine To The Ends? …

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Friday, June 3, 2016 at 1:56 pm

I love and I am loved. What more could I ever want for? I thank You my Father for Your love & compassion for the lovely as well as for the unlovely. I thank You for setting me free from a callous uncaring heart only concerned with my own of it all.

I am sensitive & caring only by Your power of love from on high. Because You have chosen to live in my heart? I am what I am and forever will be underneath Your everlasting arms because? You are the One to hold me so.

As I am re-writing the story of my life? I find myself totally objective to that woman that I once was. You have truly done Your loving will within my being.

Dear Readers, I am not desperate but? I am curious. Do you really care to read these writings of mine, but, why am I asking?

Well, I been building websites since the end of 2006 but? It was not until January of 2015 that I discovered blogging. How that happened? Beats me! A miracle is my guess because? I haven’t got the slightest how in January of 2015 the email about Blogging 101 appeared in my inbox. Somehow I was led to join it. I did and? The rest is history!

Yes, I had accomplished much in my site building but? If I remember right around 2012 I was told, “Your site is ancient!” Ancient? My master piece with better than 10000 readers? O come on! That remark pricked my pride though and? I started to investigate how to get up to date in this cybernetic business. 2012? 2013? 2014? Then? 2015 came along with Blogging 101 in its wings. Wow!

The transition from site to blogging? Amazing if to no one else, to yours truly. In this relative short period of time? Yours truly has made her presence known via these blogs that you are now reading. Oh?

Well? Let’s talk about it. Because? I need to know as much as is possible to know about my readers & followers. And why is that so? Am I a spanner? Spare me the gruesome details. Only I want to know about you because? I love you all with the power of love from on high and? By that same power? I want you to know me. Simple. Even so?

Do I want to sell you anything? Of course but? You already bought into my sales big time. Oh? What am I talking about? It is a fact, so many bloggers are if not rich they are famous. They get so many comments and likes and awards but yours truly? Only a few likes and hardly any comments, yet?

I know in my heart, in my heart I know that through the blogs & posts by yours truly? Father has reached millions of hearts that will never click the little like icon to let yours truly steal the honor only due to our Father/Creator of our beings. And? No worries. Am A-OK with Father’s way! Hahaha! HalleluYah!

Saturday, June 4, 2016 at 7:49 am

Alright! I went to sleep around 4:32 am. I woke up around 7 am. It’s now 7:51 am on this Saturday, June 4, 2016—another especial 7th Day of Rest. Especial? What is so especial about this 7th day of rest, dear thiaBasilia child of Mine?

O my Father—Father of mine? This here 7th Day of Rest? It is so very especial because of the fact You just revealed to me. And what that would be? Hahaha! Silly me. All this time? I been trying to stealthily steal the honor only due to You for the success of all that You have given to me to deliver to Your children in excess. How devious and sneaky this carnal nature in me can be? Wish You would nip it to the bud but? No chance. It is not Your mod. And? That brings me to another episode.

It is not that I don’t care. It is not that I am callous & insensitive. It is not that I don’t appreciate and profit by all help sent to my good old mail inbox. But? On this precious 7th Day of Rest? It is a bliss to know the fact of it all as it all is.

The marketing of my wares whether they be books or blogs for any weather? Ah! That, too, to the surface is arising without a pricing. Marketing? Selling? All my skims without Him? Forget it silly one! Don’t you see? Don’t you know? Has it not penetrated yet the very fact to be exact?

You are loved and you love. You are a child of the King of Kings. You want for nothing. In sickness or in health. In plenty or in want? You remain? A loved child of the King of Kings empowered to love & be loved. Empowered to care and be cared for by the power of My love from on high.

Truly? What more could you ever want for? Ah! But I know now what is needed to want for still for more? That would be the want for Your will to be done or earth as it heaven it is. O what a bliss! But I am His and? Such a bliss? It’s a fact to be exact? It’s a fact sealed with His kiss! O what a bliss!

His love in my heart for you and for all, thiaBasilia.

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