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A Mother In A Dysfunctional Family — Here Is The First Chapter For Your Critic … Hopefully.

Chapter 1

It was sometime in the fall or? Was it still summer? Theodora was mothering six beautiful little girls under 10 yrs. of age.

Theodora fulfilled her duty with passion—cooking, washing, cleaning grocery shopping, sewing but mainly? School matters—teacher/parent conferences, extra curriculum activities for her girls and etc., etc., etc.

Theodora’s aim & purpose for her life? To equip those girls for a productive future—training that she lacked in her own childhood.

Ah! What a noble endeavor! Did Theodora succeeded? Many years later the record shows? Indeed! Theodora succeeded big time but?

O well? That’s a big but that will take many pages to tell. Let’s go on. Where to start? O yes!  It was sometime in the fall or? Was it still summer?

Theodora discovered the Book of Books for the first time in her Catholic life. Amazingly? The words in the Book would just about jump out of the pages to land in Theodora’s heart.

Theodora was enthralled! In the midst of her motherly activities? Theodora journey in the words of the Book.  She came to find herself in the spiritual realm outside of anyone’s knowledge in her world at that time of her life. The result?

Man! O man!  The eery sound of the ambulance carrying her to the nearest mental hospital. Her mind snapped! The prognosis? Theodora might never recover from her broken mind. Oh?

No hope. Yet? Three short days later? Theodora is back at her motherly duties only? This time? She has to set a timer to remember what was the next thing she needed to finish or start. Was it cooking? Was it washing or? Wrapping the next Christmas gift?

WOW! Broken mind or broken heart? Theodora would not be seduced by the adversities of the moment. Theodora would not be distracted from her duties as a mother in a dysfunctional family environment. Oh?

Dysfunctional? By all means! Three of those six precious girls came from her womb—the fruit of her first marriage. The other three precious little girls? The fruit of her partner from his first marriage. Her partner?

O man! That’s the tale to tell in the pages of A Mother In A Dysfunctional Family for it all started out with an unwholesome partnership. Her partner?

Mr. Big Stuff. A good man only? A man of the flesh obsessed with money & power and the charming beautiful intelligent Theodora—a woman of the intellect. A woman of intellectual clout only? Emotionally captivated by a fantasy world of her own making.

That Theodora had no intentions of submitting to the obsession of a man obsessed with money & power without any intellectual clout to match Theodora’s clout.

Theodora’s only aim? To get financially supported to stay home and raise her precious little girls. Noble aim? To say the least.

For Theodora had tasted close to three years of bitter disappointment with the male element of the human race. Luis Pacific—the father of her precious girls—the husband of her romantic dreams?

Luis was not able to fulfill the wantings & desires & unrealistic expectations of this romantic& passionate Theodora. So?

The tragedy of dysfunction begins. The victims? Three precious little girls she had brought into her fantasy romantic world that came to an end some nine years after her wedding to this Luis Pacific—an intellectual wonder.

Rattled by the stormy winds of passion & rage at what she thought to be her Luis betrayal? She tore her wedding gown into a million pieces and threw her wedding ring at the same Luis that she thought to be her prince in shining armor and?

Theodora left the cradle of her dreams. The home of her romantic fantasy to live happily ever after by the side of her prince nurturing her precious little girls? It all came tumbling down.

O the tragedy of romantic love. O the tragedy of the make believe world of fairy tales and make believe dressed up whales.

The story of A Mother In A Dysfunctional Family begins.

Hope to hear from many of you.
His love in my heart for all, thiaBasilia.

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