O My Word! O Mine! O Mine! I Am A Fool!


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Post for Today
The Carnal Nature & Our Creator’s Nature Within Us.

Thia’s Journal—An ongoing dialog between thia/Basilia and Master Yahuwah/Yahushua …
Saturday, May 21, 2016 at 5:27 pm
Father? I continue to be amazed of the way You lead me in all things. I sense that You are preparing me for a productive time in a near future of want & lack. So?
You keep sending me instructions on what & how to do the things I need to learn to produce professional and saleable work.
Today You send me http://bubblecow.com/guides/1 for which I am grateful.
To tweak my writing, editing and formatting skills is very important to deliver a readable material to Your children. Thanks my Father.
Sunday, May 22, 2016 at 8:45 am
Well, my Father? Things are beginning to fall into place. I sense You are leading me to share even more what You show me about the carnal nature & Your nature within us.
The carnal nature & Your nature within us? Two opposing forces—formidable forces indeed, kid you not yourself.
I’ been reading the Scriptures since 1974. Have attended many seminars and followed many inspired doctrines but?
None of them satisfied the thirsting in my soul for You my Father.
I ambled the floors of many, many churches seeking to connect with the speaker or the preacher to no avail. Very seldom did I get the coveted opportunity.to tell all what Your Spirit was doing with me to no avail. My loved ones looked at me like if I had three heads—all of them? Insane!
Alright? I am not going to elaborate this matter because? It has all been written by far better writers than yours truly but?
I only aim to share a couple of paragraphs that tells of how the Spirit of our Father/Creator has led me all of these years in order to separate His precious nature from the vile carnal nature within my own self.
All the work Father has done in my life time? It’s exactly the same work that a responsible parent would do for his child but?
We have made the human mind supreme and above all things including our Creator. We always do what seems best for us to do from the beginning of our time.
We submit to rigorous systems to change, to improve ourselves and this world that we live in and? Sometimes it works but for the most? It does not. So? The truth?
We have become our own gods—religious or secular? The human mind is supreme.
Here we are. It’s 2016. For me? Father has made it my victory year? Victory? What victory? It looks like you have not changed a bit thiaBasilia. What victory? Hum!
True. My carnal self? Still the same conniver that has always been but? Now? I do not any longer deal with that conniver that goes by the name of thiaBasilia nowadays. Oh?
Indeed! My Father has separated that conniver that I am at first sight from the precious obedient child of His that He has made out of me and?
That’s what this blog is all about. Read on. You’ll enjoy your reading is my hope.

Saturday, May 21, 2016 at 5:51 am

I wake up. I pause. I reflect. I head to the bathroom. Cain & Abel.  Jacob & Essau. The carnal self & the nature of our Father/Creator. I come to the kitchen. I turn the heat to the pot with water. I head to refrigerator to get the lemon. I fix my lemon water. All the while?

Pause. Reflect. thiaBasilia & Ahmad? Hum! I must record all of this. Lemon water on hand? I head towards the computer. I look at the time. Computer reads, 5:43 am. Emails screen is blaring. I check. WOW!

What a dumb nerd I am! Where this email come from? When did it come? Who from? All the while? I am clicking on my Word Processor program to record it all in the journal.

Pause. Reflect. I write the heading first thing, O My Word? O Mine! O Mine! I Am A Fool!

I record the date. I paste the amazingly thrilling to my heart and soul email!  All the while? My mind is going in a thousand directions.

Pause. Reflect. There are noises on my roof right outside my door. It’s morning time. It’s day time. Open the door. Ah! The noises?

Not right outside my door! Those noises that frighten me most of the time in the dark hours of the night because? Those noises seem to be right outside my door?

Ha! I just discovered? Everything that happens way down in the street 4 floors below my roof? It seems that is happening right in my roof, right outside my door! Hahaha! No need to be frightened!

I pause. I reflect. My imagination. My imagination? Ha! My creative imagination? It can fabricate to the maximum extent than any other human could dream to fabricate but?

My Father! He spoils it all, I mean absolutely ALL of my fabrications! Shucks! Hum!

Pause. Reflect. Honest to goodness? That’s the truth! How long have I been in this frightened state that so amuses not only Ahmad but my Father as well and causes me so much shame?

O but my Father knows it all! My Father? In the midst of the agony that the rest of His children cause Him? When it comes to thiaBasilia & Ahmad? My Father takes a solemn break to roar in laughter while? thiaBasilia & Ahmad bid His will in spite of? thiaBasilia’s outlandish imagination!

Pause. Reflect. Take the honey incident. Yeah the honey thiaBasilia deemed to be tainted. Hum!

One whole day & night thiaBasilia stewed imagining the most outlandish punishments to that villain called Ahmad.

Pause. Reflect. After that treacherous day filled with my evil imaginings? The next morning Father simply instructed me what to do with the jar of honey. The same jar that I had intended to throw at Ahmad’s face the minute he would show up in my place.

Pause. Reflect. Ahmad? Not in sight! No calls. No show. Finally! I picked up the phone and dialed his number. I exclaim in rage!


Ahmad? “What? What are you talking about?” “I am talking about your lousy crappy behavior! Why you don’t come or call and why you send me that dirty honey!”

Ahmad? “WHAT? That honey is the best! It got herbs!” ….pause. reflect.  O my Father? What’s going to happen next?

Yesterday? O well! What a day? Spent in the land of computer troubleshooting. I am still in that land but? Guess what? Father is still right here with me! Hahaha! Wacky me but Father is still here with me and? There with you the reader and even with that villain of Ahmad wherever at he might be! Hahaha! HalleluYah!

Anyhow? Back to the subject at hand? Me and my foolishness that so torment me but amuses my Father and this, this Ahmad that Father gifted me.

Pause. Reflect. Read that email again and by far thiaBasilia—you are a child of My heart!.

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Author: Leland Olson (IP:, 174-22-77-43.sxfl.qwest.net)
Email: lrf101c_6@msn.com
URL: https:wordpress.com///lghoelson.
Thia, you have done everything that the Creator has asked of you. Made your move to Africa, back to Jerusalem, and to the Mideast. I’m sure he looks at you and says I love you faithful servant, I will continue to bless you in your work. I have been talking to deaf ears longer than you. Ears that are close over with selfishness and greed. The only way they can be opened is through your blog site and others, willing to spread the news, the simple good news about the Savior’s love, grace and forgiveness. They are gifts for all to freely receive, no questions asked, just come to the father with open heart and open mind and receive them.

I hope you’re staying well there in your apartment in the penthouse on the roof. Or was it the pigeon coup on the roof, one or the other? It is your place to overlook the city of your choice. Stay well, be blessed. I will try to keep in touch and expand my reading ability, but I prefer more pictures and very easy words. I never had much time to go to school so I come out was a little short diploma!

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Leland! My precious brother! Where have you been? I thought you had deserted me like everybody else but? Now I see? That was only in my crafty imagination! You are in Him—in the Creator Himself. How could you dessert me? Never!

Someday soon our troubles will be over? Short or long diplomas. Highly or lowly cultured. Rich or poor. Lame or sane. Imaginations and all? Soon. Very soon? Our troubles will be over when?

When we reach that joyful shore where with friends and loved ones we all on mana shall dine! Mana? What Mana?  The Mana that goes by the name of Yahushua the Messiah! Messiah means? The One sent. That’s all folks!

His love in my heart for all, thiaBasilia.


  1. thiaBasilia
    24 May 2016

    I wrote a long reply but it does not want to post. You want me email it? Send me your email.

  2. Leland Olson
    23 May 2016

    Thia/Basila wrote,
    “The Carnal Nature & Our Creators Nature Within Us? Two opposing forces—formidable forces indeed, kid you not yourself.”
    Indeed, both are very powerful and explosive forces, the one is driven by ego and self and the other by love and grace is the only difference. Our all knowing human mind drives the one for us. The loving hand of our Creator offers the other force as a gift.

    You are a very rare species of bird because you are one that followed the thirsting in your soul. Most let it it fall by the wayside, to much effort to follow the Creator. You wanted to find out what that thirsting was from and when you realized that it was from the Father. You come to realize many people throughout your life were teaching doctrines that got you part way to your destination, but still left you in the wilderness, searching and not finding, like the masses.

    That carnal knowledge that is in all of us has the power to make us blind to what is good and what is the right road to follow. So most people continue to spin their wheels getting no place, no destination, living and thirsting. Sadly we will not see them at the foot of the cross. Don’t give up the ship. You have many life preserver’s to throw over the side yet. Better to be cast into the sea with a millstone tied around your neck, then to lead one lamb to stray.

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