My Seller Failure My Greatest Success! Go Figure It!

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Friday, April 22, 2016 at 11:13 am

Thanks my Father? Every day You give me a better idea of setting things up in my gifted roof apartment because?

You aim for this to be my home for a good spell of time. I am now situated where I can view my mini garden—such view cheers me up!

Friday, April 22, 2016 at 5:26 pm

Hahaha! HalleluYah! The title for this post came to me just today after?

Checking Derek Murphy’s honest to goodness article about How much does the average author earn publishing their book?

Derek really is a ‘breath of fresh air’? He actually encouraged me with his discouraging message?

Well, actually and? After being bombarded with so many hyped up emails about paying for a course to make millions with one’s book?

Derek’s honesty just flooded me with joy! There is no way now that I will continue my attempts to sell any of my books. Silly me!

I am already a successful whatsoever! Oh? Yes, just Google my name and? You will confirm my success! Oh again?

Yeah, yeah, yeah! Hundreds of my articles, comments and what have you follow after you enter thia or thiaBasilia and my posts?

Surely and steady? Everything posted gets the awesome or the followers!

So? For me, not for anyone else, but for me? Donation if the Spirit of our Father/Creator has reached your heart & you have the means is the way to go! Oh?

Am I kidding myself? Am I hoping for millions in donations to flow into my Paypal account? Nay! Nay! Nay!

For one thing? I know the value of the content of my books for those books are priceless to me but? Are they to anyone else?

For another thing? I know very well that like myself? Most every human being is not really inclined to donate unless is a really heart breaking need which mine is not.

Besides? Am I really being sneaky about making money with my books? Perhaps. Why not? I am a clever human being with the ‘making money’ thing in my carnal mind & heart.

Even so and in spite of my carnal mind & heart? I do unto others as I would like to be done to me and?

Whenever I get help I return help. Whenever I see a need? I do my best to alleviate that need.

Now? That does not mean that I am patting myself in the back because of my good intentions. Not anymore anyhow!

By all means I am not patting myself because? All these good deeds of mine do not come from my heart & mind.

Honestly? The power of love has descended upon me even before my birth into these earthly grounds only?

I did not recognized such love until recently! Thus? I have been smug about my good deeds attributing them to my own good self! There is no such a thing as good self! The flesh is flesh. It never is or will be any good!

Now? There you have it. The naked truth. So? No matter how I feel or think about this donate thing?

Such a thing shall not damper my pamper! I shall continue with my assigned task regardless any type of recognition.

Whether anyone accepts or rejects yours truly? It is no longer an issue with yours truly.

In spite of it all? I often find myself heartily singing my own version of the song that goes something like this

‘I am rejoicing as I travel traveling with an angel band

There is no sorrow in my life for Yahushua is mine.

O Kingdom so fine.

I am rejoicing as I travel on the bright road to Kingdom Land and I am living so my life for Yahushua to shine!

Someday my troubles will be over when I reach that joyful shore where with friends & loved ones I on mana we shall dine!’

That is the bread from heaven—Yahushua Messiah shall satisfy our wanting souls!

Don’t reckon there will be a need for silver or gold in that blissful future awaiting for us children of our Father/Creator.

Such is my aim and passion! It is for that end alone that I work day & night with joy and hope in my heart. Oh?

Exactly my hope & passion is for all to come and sing along with me for theirs not my joyful end!

Donation or not, come! Sing along my journey in the Presence of our Father/Creator recorded in the inspired posts & books by yours truly and?

Spread among your own friends & loved ones this matter so will all travel together singing along the joyful song!

His love in my heart for all, thiaBasilia.

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