And Here There Is More To Share Of The Repertoire That Could Be Anyone’s Property…

More Words From Father To Me…

It was on Friday, May 13, 2011 at 6:57 am when Father once again put an end to my frustrations and my dilemmas.

O my Master there are so many small encumbrances that frustrate our daily living and we do not know how to overcome such. Show me the way my Master for I sense that somehow I missing You!

“My child—My beloved and precious thia/Basilia indeed you are not missing Me! For I have grasped your hand and I wont let go of it! Forever I am and will lead you every step of the way!

“Fear not My precious child for all the daily frustrations on these earthly grounds are only meant to keep you in mind that these earthly grounds as they stand now are only temporary grounds to mold and set your character but such are not your home!

“O My child! Always remember that your home shall stand on the grounds of your Beloved—Yahushua Messiah as His Kingdom come on the new cleansed grounds of the future eternity!

“In the meantime you have nothing to fear because I am with you at all times and at everywhere that your foot sets in! For I am with you when you go out and when you come in at all times!

“And I know My precious child that you are grabbing a hold of My strength everyday more so! And I am delighted on your daily obedience as you arise to meet all circumstances that come your way at any given moment with My authority not giving way to any of your ideas or thoughts!

“Carry on My precious and beloved thia/Basilia! For My delight in your obedience is your strength! Rejoice and be glad or otherwise according to what the occasion calls for I have not given you the spirit of cringing and fawning fear! But I have given you the Set Apart Spirit of power and love and My wisdom to cry or weep or laugh as it is fitting to any occasion!”

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