Beauty Is The Snare Of The Times. What Is The Use To Tell It? All Are Happily Ensnared. Repent Is Not A Word To Fit Into The Beauty Chest.

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REPENT? Ain’t I the one that needs to REPENT and come back to the beautiful array of Religion galore? Duh!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015 at 10:58 am
Father? You know that I write, write and write all things that You inspire me to write. You also know that I read all the writings that You inspire me to read.

As I read the many beautiful words expressing the heart of Your people, I can’t help but to think, “What is the use, my Father?”

Along the same lines I think about the many, many souls of my acquaintance that could win the highest award for their goodness.

People that have committed themselves to Your service. People that have sacrificed their life and time to help others. What of them all, my Father?

I know that You have given to each one of us our lot in life. Furthermore, I do not dare to question anyone’s doings or beliefs. For none are my servants. They all belong to You. You are their Master.

What I do mean to do is only what You instruct me to do or say to the righteous or to the unrighteous. Sometimes You direct me to one specific individual. Most of the time You direct me to speak to all.

In either case, I have not much of an indication that what I write, say or do is of any use to anyone. Not that people dislike me or my writings, no, actually, I fear the likes from my people.

Furthermore, when I read or hear about the beauty of it all, I simply cannot get impressed! What is the use for it all, my Father?

Hum! I see it my Father! I see it! There is no use for it all unless You make use of any of it! It seems like all of my loved ones are intent in loving, helping, encouraging each other. What about me?

Ha! That’s what I see—me and my comparing to others. Me and that insidious want to be recognized. Me and my insidious quest for whatever agenda of my own. Me, disgusting me is what I see.

In the other hand, once I take my eyes off of me, I can see, clearly why, in general there is no use for all the beautiful words to encourage Your people. No use whatsoever at this moment of time!

What? Am I crazy? Not at all! But the words of encouragement that I am hearing from all directions are certainly beautiful, yet, those words are not needed to awake the people from their slumber in beauty land!

That’s the problem! Beauty is the snare that is holding us prisoners of our own carnal selves. I see it. Many a young or troubled souls also see it and wind up hanging or otherwise ending their existence to avoid the snare of the elusive beauty in this world.

Think about it. Some two thousand years ago, we were given a new chance at eternal life. What were the words to announce that chance? Were those poetic words of love & beauty? Nay! Not much poetic beauty in the word, REPENT!

Likewise today. But who am I to mouth off such word to anyone? Even so, there is no need for me to do such a thing.

All is needed from me is to write the observations that herein I have written about my dilemma, What is the use? I have done so. I will post this matter in due time.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015 at 4:09 pm
Due time. Most certainly there is a season and a time for everything under the sun as it is written. By the same token, there is our Father/Creator’s time. Of such things? None of us can quite figure them out.

So? The best thing that You have taught me, my Father, the best thing is, to quit trying to figure You and all of Your doings out.

O my Father, You give me much to pass on to Your children. Even so, in the long run You have given that much and ten-fold more to many others, all for what it seems to be of no avail.

For Your people are quite satisfied to live the way they have chosen to live and are adamant to even consider the possibility that their chosen life is not of Your liking.

Besides, when I read the Book of Ecclesiastes? My mind goes into a spiral of thoughts and wonders of the meaning of such words.

But then? I come to Yahushua. I hear His words, “You have heard that it was said to the men of old,….but I tell you now…unless your righteousness surpasses…you cannot enter the Kingdom of heavens…what good is it if you only love your brother? You therefore must be perfect as my Father in the heavens is perfect.”

So many times in my past I had read and wondered and pondered on such words. I remained puzzled and bewildered about it all until?

Until the due time came for the Almighty Spirit of our Father/Creator to open and inscribed such words in the depth of my innards.

Indeed! The power of love from on high was invested on me along with the power of understanding the application of such words.

Even more so, along with the peace that surpasses all human understanding and the power to sit still in His Presence and wait with patient composure to see His deliverance.

What can I now say? When our Father’s due time come, the snare of worldly love & beauty shall be broken.

The prisoners shall be set free. The beauty of Yahushua’s Presence shall be the reality for all!

His love in my heart for all, thia/Basilia.


  1. thelonelyauthorblog
    18 Dec 2015


  2. thia licona
    18 Dec 2015

    Nay! This world will never be a better world but, yes, if everyone was a writer perhaps we would hasten the new world of our Father’s will–then? His Kingdom would come and His will be done here on a renewed earth.
    Such is not my opinion or my idea. Indeed, such is a fact that will soon take place whether anyone believes it or not.
    The best part? The Father/Creator is investing us writers with the power of love from high in order to join us all into the fitted Body of our Master! O what a day of rejoicing that soon will be! Keep the hope!
    Soon I will launch a blog exclusively for the books that will bring some light into this matter by way of yours truly experience in the Presence of our Father/Creator. 🙂

  3. thelonelyauthorblog
    18 Dec 2015

    Since I started blogging I am lonely no more. It is a great family of talented people all gathered together in a wonderful corner of the world. If everyone was a writer perhaps we would live in a better world.

  4. thia licona
    18 Dec 2015

    Thanks! I’m intrigued by your blog’s title. Me, too, I could say I’m a lonely author but then, I hear the lovely voices from the waves of the blog world and, I am not lonely anymore! Father has gifted me with a sizable Bloggers’ Family! HaHaHa! HalleluYah! We have our cake of loneliness and we can also eat it in the company of our Bloggers’ Family! How sweet it is! 🙂

  5. thelonelyauthorblog
    17 Dec 2015

    Beutiful post.

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