What Am I Reading? What Am I Watching? What Am I Doing To …?

What Am I Doing To My Body & Mind? …

No Big Deal Yet …

Bed on Friday, October 6, 2023, at 8:53 pm. Slept until around 1 am on Saturday, October 7, 2023. Worked for a few hours. Slept a couple more hours. Woke up. Fixed & ate breakfast. Now? Ready to continue with my creations even though it’s the 7th day of rest, but since the kind of work I am called to work on is not physical I am not breaking the command after all. It’s now, Saturday, October 7, 2023, at 11:38 am.

Reflecting …

  • At 6:35 pm on Saturday, October 7, 2023, I find myself reflecting on the way things are developing.
  • There is a big difference between my past & present reflections.
  • I need to sleep.
  • Perhaps I’ll write about it later.

Big Difference Between My Past & Present Reflections …?

Sunday, October 8, 2023, at 4:00 pm. Maybe now is later, perhaps …? I have been busy updating & posting. Then? Sleeping for the last few hours. I am not sure yet how to express the difference between my past & present reflections.

  • I am going to take a break from the computer to continue with my reading.
  • Perhaps I get inspired while I read.

Decisions …?

Why am I reading this book? It’s time to decide what I want for myself. Time to have the courage to quit doing things to please others at the expense of what it is that pleases me. Reading this series of books that have been suggested to me is not beneficial to my state of mind. Today, Sunday, October 8, 2023, at 10:05 pm I decided to close the book. Why? Since I started to read this series, my miserable past has been haunting me at nighttime. I find myself jumping out of bed in tears sometimes. I couldn’t figure out what was the cause of my misery until now. Thank goodness!

  • The good part?
  • I did not let my misery get a hold on me.
  • I am ready now to head for bed with thanksgiving in my heart.
  • Sunday, October 8, 2023, at 10:20 pm.
  • I was looking forward to a good night of sleep. But it did not happen. I started to itch. Had to get up and doctor myself up.
  • Now drinking a cup of chamomile tea with honey hoping for relief enough to sleep.

Now I See the Difference Between My Past & Present Reflections …?

In the past I used to despair. In the present I know I am in repair. Indeed! Repairing the past damage to my body is called retribution. It is true we always pay or get paid for our past doings whether right or wrong. The way things are developing I am beginning to see clear both sides of the coin. In my lifetime I have done a lot of good as well of a lot of bad.

What’s the secret to this matter? Don’t complain. It’s written.


Therefore fear not, O My servant Jacob, says the Lord, nor be dismayed or cast down, O Israel; for behold, I will save you out of a distant land [of exile] and your posterity from the land of their captivity. Jacob will return and will be quiet and at ease, and none will make him afraid or cause him to be terrorized and to tremble.

For I am with you, says the Lord, to save you; for I will make a full and complete end of all the nations to which I have scattered you, but I will not make a full and complete end of you. But I will correct you in measure and with judgment and will in no sense hold you guiltless or leave you unpunished.

For thus says the Lord: Your hurt is incurable and your wound is grievous.

There is none to plead your cause; for [the pressing together of] your wound you have no healing [device], no binding plaster.

All your lovers (allies) have forgotten you; they neither seek, inquire of, or require you. For I have hurt you with the wound of an enemy, with the chastisement of a cruel and merciless foe, because of the greatness of your perversity and guilt, because your sins are glaring and innumerable.

Why do you cry out because of your hurt [the natural result of your sins]? Your pain is deadly (incurable). Because of the greatness of your perversity and guilt, because your sins are glaring and innumerable, I have done these things to you. (Jeremiah 30:10-15). End of quote.

  • So much has happened since those words were spoken to me a long time ago.
  • Why am I hearing them right now?
  • Could it be because of what I have been reading for the last 6 weeks?
  • Why have I continued to read even when I was appalled with what I was reading?
  • Appalled to see the reflection of my past.
  • Well? As things are developing, I am beginning to see what I needed to see to give closure to that troublesome past of mine.
  • How can that be?
  • It’s part of receiving the power to walk alone into the unknown that only the Almighty knows.


“You are not alone My Beloved thiaBasilia. I am with you whether you feel or sense My Presence. I am not an illusion or a figment of your imagination. I am your reality. I am with you whether I am far or near. I am always with you. Wake up! I am giving you the power to walk alone into the unknown that only I know. Fear not!” End of quote.

The Best Part Of The Power To Walk Alone Into The Unknown …?

Alone. No need for lengthy explanations about my doings. No need to talk. It’s all about power, moral power and excellence of soul. As it is written.


1 Corinthians 4:20 For the kingdom of the Almighty consists of and is based on not talk but power (moral power and excellence of soul). End of quote.

I Have Been Wondering How Am I To Express Myself …?

Not with words. Let the moral power and excellence of my soul speak for me. So? I do not need elaborate my misery & my findings for relief anymore. That’s the power to walk alone. Two hours into Monday, October 9, 2023, at 2:53 am. Have not been able to sleep at all. Even so? I hope to keep quiet about it. I hear that lovely voice from within again & again.


“You are not alone My Beloved thiaBasilia. I am with you whether you feel or sense My Presence. I am not an illusion or a figment of your imagination. I am your reality. I am with you whether I am far or near. I am always with you. Wake up! I am giving you the power to walk alone into the unknown that only I know. Fear not!” End of quote.

I Hear. I Am Listening & Abiding In His Will …

Conclusion: The Daily Motivation really is the voice of my Beloved Master Creator of my being.  I have been knowing that, but I have been skeptical for fear of man. Today the Master is ending my skepticism. Once upon a time, there was a skeptical me. Is she here. Is she still there? Where is she now? How can I compare what was & what it is concisely without regrets?

  • I rack my brains. I don’t know what to do! I complain.
  • And on que my head starts its pounding, my right arm, my back, my scalp!
  • WHAT TO DO?!
  • O dear! What’s the use?
  • Get up! Walk around.
  • I am fine. Things are working out better than I ever expected. I am empowered to walk alone on these earthly grounds. I am surrounded with love.

Alone. What a mighty concept to grasp. But the best part?

I don’t need to grasp the concept. I don’t need to grasp anything and? I don’t need to rack my brains about what to do at all. I am doing whatever needs to be done. It is all happening as if by magic. Bless my heart.

The Yellow Butterfly …

My super brain finds meaning in the most insignificant details in the environment. In the clouds. The way the winds blows. The sunshine. The sunset. The sunrise. The blooming of the flowers. The broken glasses. The unexpected phone calls. The colors. The birds. The honeybees. And here lately? The yellow butterfly fluttering its wings every time I make myself comfortable in the sunroom. I have been wondering what it means. I sense there is a message this yellow butterfly is delivering to me. Finally, today I looked for the meaning of the yellow butterfly. WOW!


According to a tradition from Ireland, seeing a yellow butterfly means success will soon come your way. Perhaps its color is taken to represent gold, and by extension other forms of material gain. Historically speaking, the color yellow has generally been considered a symbol of happiness. Its connection with the sun, source of all life and warmth, made yellow a royal color in cultures with solar deities, like ancient Egypt and China. So, if you’re in the mood for a change of luck, a yellow butterfly makes a good harbinger of better things to come. End of quote.

The Same Message In The Daily Motivation …O well! …

Isn’t that something to consider in these skeptical grounds that I happen to inhabit? Bless my heart! I am on the right path. Let me share the words that until now I was so skeptical about. Silly me! I thought I was? Mother Wisdom, I guess. Bless my heart again to celebrate reading the quote without disdain!


Saturday October-7-2023

You will find your way. These feelings of confusion will go away.

You will achieve your innermost desires.

Give yourself grace.

You’re doing the best you can right now.

Don’t compare your journey to others.

You can’t rush through the process of transformation and manifestation.

Trust that every new experience is taking you closer to where you’re meant to be.

Live each day with a sense of curiosity and openness.

Stop obsessing over things that aren’t working for you.

Be open to changing course. Better things are right around the corner.

Sunday October-8-2023

Bad days are a normal part of life.

Some days you just feel “off”, no matter what you do.

Be patient and ride it out.

Don’t let its impact linger. Bad days can’t stop you.

You have survived some downright terrible days and you still managed to achieve your desires and get this far.

Remind yourself that you are stronger than your thoughts and emotions.

You will be fine.

You will get over this bad day and move on to take your life to the next level.

Monday October-9-2023

When we fall into a routine, life seems ‘boring’.

Thoughts about ‘What ifs’ crowd our minds and we start indulging in fantasies about the things we could have experienced.

Remember that every decision has an opportunity cost. No one can experience everything.

A boring life can still be a beautiful life.

Even getting to do the same things every day can be a big blessing.

Don’t ruin a good thing by ruminating or comparing yourself to others.

The life you have created for yourself, and the things you have in your life right now are the result of your prayers, hard work, and persistence.

Cherish them. Fall in love with your life all over again. End of quote.

Oh! Oh! And Oh! What can I say? …

  • Hello! Hello! Hello! I am here!
  • Away skepticism!
  • Away! Away! Away with all isms and what have you in that line of thought!

Motivated I Am Closing Today …

Hello, I am here empowered to walk alone energized by the true love from the Almighty Creator of everything in existence for me, for the greatly loved and dearly prized world.

Applying The Daily Motivation

Tuesday October-10-2023

  • Each time I choose to release thoughts about the past, I choose happiness in the present.
  • My story is constantly evolving.
  • New people and opportunities are appearing in my life.
  • I deserve to experience happiness again.
  • I no longer subject myself to unnecessary suffering by reliving those terrible memories in my mind.
  • With each new day, the distance between me and my past is increasing.
  • I am making sure I’m doing all that I can to heal.
  • I am open to growing in new ways.
  • I welcome a new chapter in my life.
  • I choose hope no matter what.   I believe that things can change.   Better possibilities exist for me.   I believe in a better future.   I can wait patiently for my desires.  

Awake To Be Loved To Love …?

Me. Myself. And? Not only the Master of my being but my loved ones as well most especially my Diana & Mike so lovely taking care of me nowadays. Joy. Peace. IN love. How blessed I am at this precise moment of my life. The meaning of this hour in the Saga of my life: Abundance, wealth, and success. I am already experiencing a period of great prosperity and good fortune under Diana & Mike’s care.

Indeed! I am IN love. His love for me-for us…?

This is the kind of love that can’t be ushered in at one’s will. Infinite. Eternal. Unfathomable. Yet, what can I say? Joy. Peace. IN love it is all about experience not just words. Onward I am going to be ignited by the mystery of His love propelling me onward to a future prepared by His love for me-for us.

Until the next post, lov, thia.

I'm an inspirational writer—in the daily journal of my life lived in the Presence of the Almighty Creator of our beings I write about Truth & Life: eternal as well as temporal life. I am not into any kind of religion, crusade, group or the likes at all! For no one can find Truth or Life eternal in such way. So I am blogging this matter in the journal of my life for all to see the reflection of both lives as I record the daily interchange between my Maker & I.

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