At My Prime Again!!! Winning the Itching Battle …

  • Greetings to my friends in the USA, S. Africa, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, India, and the four corners of the earth.

Really? What On Earth Makes Me So Sure It Is So? …

I am Practicing being happy for no reason. Everything is temporary in life…Go figure it, lol.

Indeed! I Am Sure This Time. I Am As Serious About It As A Massive Heart Attack …?

How this can be? That’s what I am asking myself. How this can be my prime again? Last night I developed a massive headache. I racked my brain searching my memory for relief. A cup of coffee would do, I thought. I headed to the kitchen. O me! I got the bright idea to fix me a cappuccino. Yeah, I enjoyed it.

  • After a while the headache subsided.
  • I went to sleep.
  • Suddenly ferocious itching woke me.
  • for heaven’s sake!
  • The itching had stopped.
  • What is going on with my body, with my mind?

Stark Realizations …

My body is reacting to my mind. What is in my mind twisting my body with painful extremely uncomfortable reactions that is driving me to insanity?

Have You Ever Questioned Your Reactions …?

I wonder and ponder. Crazy me. Why wonder about you? Why not let go, leave you to your own self?

What Are You To Me? What Are The Realities I Am Dealing With …?

Well? For now I, you, and the rest of the worldlings are beginning to merge into a beautiful tapestry, intriguing but emanating the light of healing the horrors of a buried sulking past.

O Well! That’s Just Me! …?

What’s the matter with me? Ah! Don’t you see what you are doing to yourself. Why don’t you quit all the nonsense and accept the fact that you are old, and you are not going to be young again?

Ha! Ha! Ha! Wait Until Your Turn Comes …?

Do you really think you will enjoy turning into an invalid? … Silence. Hum! That’s enough! I don’t want to talk about such things. I’m busy …? End of conversation, but!

The Bright Shinny Spark Of The Meeting Of Our Minds …?

Ah! Maybe, just maybe this miserable itching shall turn tails away to the land of no return. Hope. There is ALWAYS hope …

  • It’s now Friday, September 8, 2023, at 4:55 am. Just finish drinking my cup of coffee, just coffee no cappuccino for me, that’s for sure …least for a time, eh?

Until the next post, lov, thia for short.

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