It’s Time For My Tall Tales …?

A Long Time Ago …?

That Was The Time …

That was the time I was humbled but not humiliated.  For me anyhow when there was only phone support to solve my forever computer problems were needed. The techs for the most from India, most patient and quite knowledgeable. This specific time, the blessed tech asked me to read to him the apps I had installed in the Programs feature, I started with the ‘a’ for apple until I got to the ‘n’ ‘e’ ‘s’ …=”nescafe” I pronounced. “I never hear of that app” says the blessed tech, spell it for me again” I said, ‘n’ for no, ‘e for eye’ ‘s for sam’ ‘c’ for cat ‘p’ for Peter ‘e’ for eye= NETSCAPE! Exclaimed the tech with a chuckle.

I used to thank them for their patience but they inevitable would respond, “no it is us to thank you, you are teaching us a lot!”

Saturday, September 2, 2023, at 9:45 pm. Bed. Sunday, September 3, 2023, at 1:00 pm. I

Your Site Is Ancient …?

What? I just perfected my use of boxes, how dare you call my site ‘ancient’?! “Why don’t you download Joomla?” “What on earth is that?” I exclaimed quite peeved with the young punk. “Joomla! is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) for publishing web content. Download it, you will see.” He told me. Mercy me!

CMS stands for open-source content management system, something I had never heard of, bless my heart! Talking about ‘ancient’ to say the least. O well! I downloaded Joomla but I could not make it out, but? Somehow I had discover Wilks Community College offering free continuing education for seniors, of course I enrolled. Needless to say, I discovered the famous and? I have been hooked since.

Regardless, for the life of me I can’t remember how I got into the Internet even before I enrolled in Wilks. I do remember creating websites with also, I remember how the techs practically did my menu bar. Only thing I made the mistake of checking the ‘update automatically’ thus I have not been able to find out when I created those so unique sites about my autobiography but, I can still pull and enjoy my humble beginning building websites.


This link only works for me, but I am diligently working on making those writings available to others. Will see.

Embracing Discernment Without Condemning Others …

Perhaps that is what now is called ‘unconditional love’. Perhaps. Still, no need to argue. No need to prove myself as well as others right or wrong. No need to defend the Almighty Creator of everything in existence.

And the biggest? No need to be incensed with anger however justified such anger could be. Only need for me is to let go. Fear not! I am not alone; I am not abandoned. I never have been. I never shall be!

How blessed I am despite my fat ankles, my faulty hearing, my expensive loose dentures & equally expensive eyeglasses that don’t stay in place, plus looking at my hanging belly in the mirror as I disrobe to ready myself to the shower; and running to the toilet like in a marathon. Let alone my inability to follow instructions to take care of my concept of creating artistic beauty. And the infernal itch? And my painful back? And the lurking fears attempting to defeat me? O well! bless my heart.

I will just go on reminiscing about my tall tales that tell on me! Humor instead of anger is the motto to come out smelling like a rose to my own self. And the privilege to sing to my heart’s desire without disturbing the delicate human ears? Hahaha! HalleluYah! Whatever more could I want for? Lov, mom.

Diana says:

Yesterday, we ate out for our 44th wedding anniversary. The young waitress asked what our secret is. After thinking for a moment, I said, “Work”. She replied, “And love.”

Nope. It’s work. Daily working on yourself, your relationship, your goals, etc. Most anyone can love another to start with. The effort that it takes to keep that person as a life partner is the “secret”.

  • Right on the money I should say if it was indispensably to have my say.

O Well! Guess There Is No Cure For My Going On And On …

I guess as well is best for me to quit this unending drive to be what I am not supposed to be. Can you imagine that? I quit! Chilled out!

Until the next post, lov thia.

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