Classes. Nobility. The Masses …?

Instead Of Anger. Laughing At My Arrogant Ignorance? Humility Sure to Gain To sustain ….?

I’m Humbled Not Humiliated …

I will continue posting parts as my life harmonizes to share with all the simplicity of the creator’s ways.

Waiting. Watching. Caring …

What are the possibilities right now? Don’t ever agree to take a picture of yourself. The ugliness of distortion is, to say the least, terrifying! Why am I saying this first thing on waking up from a dream? Dreams: the most important thing to happen to ourselves as well as the most important detail about us all. For myself?

  • The cleansing results are just now coming into perfect lighting.

Into Another Day …

I am starting with a cup of coffee. Hopefully the results from the cleansing are not anything like it happened yesterday. Will see. What happened yesterday? Sleep became impossible when night came. I finally crashed in bed. Somehow the itching painful moment ceased. I fell asleep around 2 am. It’s now Friday, August 18, 2023, at 8:35 am. I feel pretty decent after the evil moment receded.

  • As of this moment?
  • I woke up a few minutes ago.
  • I wondered what to do under the circumstances.
  • It came to me to drink a cup of coffee, to wait a couple of hours before I put anything else into my mouth.
  • That’s the way to find out what coffee shall tell my body.

One of my Families in Jordan in the Middle East …

Adeeb Khoury, a heart of gold. I am so blessed to have holden that heart of gold. In return I joyfully gave him my own heart. I can still see that blessed smile to smooth off his gruffy face the minute I walked in Human Market. So proud to belong in his family by his choice. I am just now coming to terms with the fact that though he is gone I still see him in you, dear Human—his oldest son.

Mysterious Dream …?

This day has been preloaded in a strange dream last night. Who knows? Like reading in a book, a girl had sneaked into the library to send a series of emails to warn people of major disaster coming. Somehow, she is writing ashore a great body of water. There was a man fishing with a string fastened to a plain stick from a tree branch. Next scene she is fishing but she does not see that the string is gone. Bad omen: an incredible sound of an explosion as she sends the email. Somehow, she is back into the library sending the emails while the whole matter is stirring up people in all kinds of ways.

  • Who knows? Perhaps this dream is telling what is going on with my saga.
  • Glutton for punishment, starting off with a cup of coffee again.
  • Bless my heart.
  • I haven’t bothered to even search for meaning of the dream.
  • But the cleanse?
  • It remains a mystery to me yet.
  • Time shall tell.
  • It’s now Sunday, August 20, 2023, at 7:00 am.
  • Back to stomach cramps.
  • Not to worry.
  • Not too bad this time.
  • I’ll live, hopefully.
  • This is when faith avails.

My Intestinal System Is In Bad, Bad Shape …?

That’s why the cleansing is taking longer to work. My gut has been leaking into my blood causing me not only the miserable itching along cramps, painful muscles, et all. But I am so grateful to know exactly what’s the problem is, to have the strength to take care of it.

  • Thankfully, Diana is providing all the necessary staples to take care of the problem.
  • In the meantime?
  • I’ll occupy myself with the tall tales in the saga of my life.

Well? What Is Coming To Me …

To tell the ridiculous in my saga without any regrets for the tragic results due to the innate drive to do whatever I thought best to do despite any authority. Honest to goodness! I was convinced. I thought myself to be a natural! The truth? I have lots of tall tales to tell.

  • That’s what I’ll do.
  • I’ll tell on me.
  • Then I’ll tell on them related to me.
  • Especially my computer tales.
  • Those are the best, the humblest of them all.
  • Rude awakening when I discovered I was not a computer genius!

You Site Is Ancient …?

Download Joomla! O well! I’ll tell about that tale in the next post.

Until then …


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