What Shall August 2023 Has In Store For Me …?

For Us? Who Knows …?

Here On This Earth? We Can Only Speculate …

I think, but? That’s my thoughts. Here lately, I can’t any longer banking on my thoughts. Why? Hardly ever things come out to be not quite the way I thought.

The Day Is Gone. Night In Sight …

Heading for bed: Sunday, July 30, 2023, at 8:47 pm. Up: Monday, July 31, 2023, at 2:15 am. I remain in Your rest, my Beloved Master, resting, abiding in even when doubts & fears come daily knocking at my door, I wait with patience, composure for the revelation of the glorification along the rest of Your creation. So it is with the end of this 7th month of 2023. So much to happen in the months before 2023 comes to an end as well.

Hey! Guess What? The Chicken Broth …?

Well? It didn’t burn. I could have cooked for another hour or so but I didn’t want to risk it. It made. Only thing? I forgot to season it, it’s tasteless. Actually, I used the bones from the broiled chicken Diana got for me. I figured the bones were going to be as tasty as the chicken. Dah!

See What I Mean? My Figuring …?

It’s just not reasonable. But sometimes I hit it luckily, I can figure out how to debone the chicken, separate the dark form the white chop it, separate it into portions, bag it, and freeze it for my later on. Now I can make chicken salad, chicken & quinoa or brown rice. Or I could make chicken soup using my chicken broth.

Anyhow? My Days Are Spent Victoriously …

One way or the other I am overcoming not only my fears but my past as well. Even the minor things whether to drink coffee or tea, what kind of coffee or tea, what should I do when I open my eyes in the mornings or close them at nighttime my will, my intellect, as well as my heart to my loving Creator are set on. No plans or agenda. Day by day moment by moment, waiting, resting on my Creator I remain set on this 8th month of 2023 far beyond.

Am I Silly? Am I Right Or Wrong? Who Knows? …

  • Let me go on. I’ll do the same for you!

Until the next post, all my love to all. thiaB.

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