All Things Coming Together Beautifully…

YOU Are My Reality …?

Anew once again. It is now Monday, July 25, 2022, at 1:31 am. YOU blessed me with sleep until a few minutes ago. Much pain & discomfort still lingering. It came to me to turn off the AC and open the window; to drink some water; to eat the salty chips. That helped. Thank YOU. Now it is coming to me to set the site on posts view again to find out whether there are any comments on the new look of the site. I’ll do. New post title: Update. Subtitle: All Things Coming Together Beautifully. I will now record the post to update the readers. Also, to direct all to the Newspaper Home page. I have yet to find out how to set a button in the page to direct all to read all previous posts. No kidding! YOU are putting all things together in my mind and in my heart. Little by little. Jolt by jolt. Dreams. Visions. Number meanings. It is all coming together beautifully.

What I Have Been Up To Since The Last Post …

Chee whiz! O my Beloved King Master of my being, I done lost count of the troublesome days I have had to endure in the setting up this site in the new look and way of posting. But why all the trouble? Beats me! I really don’t understand a whit of what goes on in my life and in Your so loved world. That YOU know, but! YOU keep me going full speed against all odds. Thank YOU.

Again, That’s The Life To Live …?

Hurray! Hurray! YOU ended my troublesome days today! How? YOU showed me how to let go of my old way of posting. Funny thing, they say you can’t teach an old dog a new thing. Well? They are wrong! But with man things are impossible but with YOU? All things are possible. Only it all must be possible on Your time and at Your discretion. O but what a life to live!

What Is Next? My Dilemma With The Evil Eye Chosen Background …?

Why is it that I can’t let go of the lurking fears that trouble me? I am troubled about setting the next issue of the newspaper in the evil eye version from my daughter Denise. But what is it that came to me when I spotted her creation? Enlightenment! Never an inkling of any evil eye on this so loved world of Yours.


That is what exploded in my mind today. Indeed! This 2022 year is the year to complete the enlightenment to set Your so loved world free from the monstrosity of all misconceptions. Your unfathomable wisdom is prevailing to debunk the evil set in our minds against Your will.

Anyhow? It Is Coming To Me To Get Back To The Newspaper Home Page …

So? Time for me to close this post. Let the reader take notice to click the Home Page in the menu to find out what is going on in the Saga in 2022.

Lov, thia

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