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This blog is to promote Power From On High! This blog is not to promote yours truly but, I must write about yours truly because my journey in the Presence of our Father/Creator is what Power From On High! is all about! Thus, allow me to indulge!

Thia’s inside garden to liven up my days as I sit in the Presence of my Loving Father/Creator fulfilling my given task! A sight to behold in this threshold! Ha! Ha! HalleluYah! What do ye know? I express my unique self in my unique working set up among boxes & glass containers that hold greenery to liven up my days! Along those boxes there are improvised can holders to organize pens & books & papers & what have you in tow to let my creative juices flow. All of that sitting in a cute desk that humbly hides behind it all! There the expressed me calmly sits while she types & clicks, clicks, clicks!

So, where am I at now at the tender age of seventy seven? I am in the only place that all the children of our Father/Creator are destined to be in—His actual Presence in our everyday lives! What does that mean? Can you imagine being a child in a good home where you are the object of your parent’s perfect care for you? This child is the recipient of much loving care including discipline to protect him from any evil matter that could hurt that precious child—that’s what the actual Presence of our Father/Creator means!

And that is where yours truly is! Yours truly is living a life of a precious child of our Father/Creator! Thus, yours truly is perfectly content and has no need to struggle with the business of this world at all! All things are handed over to me—wisdom, success, skills, intelligence and what have you to overcome the dilemmas of this pitifully complicated world that we live in! That’s the fact whether anyone believes it or not! And that’s what is recorded in Power From On High!

Power From On High! is the record of how yours truly came to possess such power! Power to live or die as the Almighty Master of the Universe wills—that’s POWER! Better yet—that’s the only power that to avail an overcomer for now and in the future!

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His love in my heart for all, thia/Basilia

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