A Letter To All From The Heart Of The Father Within My Being…

Mostly To My Loved Ones…

Tuesday, March 12, 2013 at 4:01 am

I have come to the point that if or when EVERYBODY I mean EVERYBODY — my own flesh & blood –old & new friends –even strangers IF & WHEN they all abandon, reject, disagree, and accuse and whatever else anyone thinks & do to me! IT ALL DOES NOT MATTER ANY LONGER! I had enough!

I am not whatever everybody thinks of me! I am not stuck in whatever comes to my head! Nothing about me is the way ALL think of me and it does not any longer matter! I am just like the donkey that spoke to Balaam but everybody is looking at me like they looked at the donkey and wonder about the donkey speaking but not paying one with of attention to what the donkey spoke much less why the donkey spoke!

Yes, everybody know that I am speaking the truth but at the same time everybody insists in doing it all accordingly to what they, along the rest, understand and not according to the truth I speak. And so you all look at my anger & disgust & my lack of tact & whatever else is wrong with me but you fail to look up and take an account of yourselves instead of at this donkey that I am!

Yes it’s a pleasure to sit for an hour or longer listening to another human being that tickles our ears or emotional system but it does not do anything to shake us from the emotional stupor in which we thrive! There is no question about such for these are the times of 2 Timothy 4:3.

For the time is coming when people will not tolerate (endure) sound and wholesome instruction, but, having ears itching for something pleasing and gratifying, they will gather to themselves one teacher after another to a considerable number, chosen to satisfy their own liking and to foster the errors they hold ….

And so to follow on what Father is doing in my life and taking a clue with how Father is handling this life of mine? Bah-humbug! All I do is depressive & not in sync with society, so, why bother to take any clues from this life of mine?

The feeling is that I am just out here on left field and there is no need to even bother to read anything that I write. (Maybe an exaggeration but not far from the truth for some read but it does not affect them in any way it seems to me for the responses that I get.) You all keep on with your wonderful teachers & leaders–blind leading the blind keep it up! I had enough!
This is Father’s business and He will take care of all of your arrogance to choose other teachers above Him as He took care of my arrogant & belligerent attitude towards Him when I used to go around listening to all but to Him! I am out of such racket! And Father Yah will never let me get involved in such foolishness ever again!

So what about me? Where am I at in the skim of this world’s affairs? Who gives me the right to speak & write the things that I speak & write?

For one thing I am the voice crying in the wilderness of people to prepare the way for the soon return of our Messiah Yahushua like John the Baptist was when Yahushua came for the first time. And if people want to ridicule my claim & discard whatever I say or write it’s none of my business—it’s the Father’s business & He is well able to take care of His own business.

I am not a teacher or Indian Chief inspired scholar; for our Father does not want us to be such. Our Father wants to invest us with power to be witnesses of His Presence & our submission to His Presence in our lives from within our beings.

And so ALL I am in reality is a WITNESS of what Father is doing in my life! That is what I write about—what my thoughts & emotions are and how Father deals with such for all to take a hint and look at their own selves; not for anyone to analyze & attempt to set me straight in their conception of right or wrong! Far from a teaching of any kind!

Again I love you all with an intensity beyond your human conception; for I love you all with the love of Father Yah within my being even when I am appalled to observe you all marching in stupor at the ding-dong sound of that clock, without a clue that such ding-dong sound is marking for us all the soon end to come of our time on these grounds.

But I know that Father is working all things out for our good! However He is doing it I don’t know but I do care to pay mind to Him and shut my door while all these things are taking place –some good–some bad —some in between …some most horrible & frightening! But  from within my door & my inner being I am to proclaim to you all: PREPARE YOUR HEARTS TO MEET OUR MAKER!


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