Time To Be Aware To Prepare For Our Preservation …?

What A Blissful Future To Look Forward …?

Me? I Do Not Understand A Whit Of It All, But!

I do not need to understand; I am experiencing the written words verbatim no matter who believes it or not. I am having a hard time believing it myself. Even so?

Talking to my Master …?

  • The injustices I am suffering now have a different sound.
  • YOU are suffering to see the injustices done to me.
  • Thus? I will publish these lines as YOU are leading me, I shall do after I finish the illustration.
  • Right now? It is Thursday, January 20, 2022, at 2:53 pm.
  • Not a peep from Ahmad.
  • I am shivering.
  • Will head under covers to get warm.
  • It is now Thursday, January 20, 2022, at 6:03 pm.
  • I am feeling better but still lacking comprehension of this moment I am going through.
  • No questioning anymore.
  • Calmly and confidently waiting on YOU.
  • More and more I know YOU are for real.
  • YOU are not a pie on the sky nor a figment of my imagination.

Well? Oh My Master! What Is Next On This Dreadful Rainy Cold Day …?

It is now Monday, January 24, 2022, at 12:57 pm. Thank YOU for the power to overcome. It is all as it is written and YOU have told me it was to be.

  • The day is advancing. Already Monday, January 24, 2022, at 1:11 pm.
  • The number 1 three times or one time followed by the number 11.
  • Your message?

Order Is To Supersede Disorder At This Hour Of Time As We Know Time To Be …?

Master? I am lost again! I will head for bed. I know YOU shall bring me back to where YOU want me to be. Right now, there is no change for me to see any order materializing.

  • In distress I headed for bed. It is now Monday, January 24, 2022, at 5:08 pm.

In My Distress Of The Night, I Called Unto YOU For Help, And? …

Your response in a dream. YOU granted me to sleep until about 4:27 am. I laid there thinking about Your message in the dream and the meaning of those numbers.

  • In the dream I can still see the place.
  • The entrance door.
  • The 4 men forming a square as they stood guarding perhaps the owner of the place.
  • One of the men stepped away to tend to the woman coming in perhaps to get water that was not there.
  • The expert to fix the lack of water in the place going up the stairs.
  • The despondent owner was up there; he had given up finding water for the place, but the expert exclaimed,
  • “There is water! Watch!”
  • Then he pocked the opening of the black leather huge pouch, and the water came gushing out!
  • I jumped under the stream of water exclaiming “We have water! We have water!” and I woke up.

Ha! While Describing The Dream YOU Revealed Your Response To My Cry For Help …?

That woman coming in the door was myself. The 4 men representing the meaning of the number4 to remind me of the material creation and the expression of Your  purpose in the world or on the earth.

  • WOW! The Despondent Owner was YOU as YOU grieve within my being for my lack of trust in YOU.
  • The Expert? The Comforter—Counselor, Helper, Advocate, Intercessor, Strengthener, Standby YOU have sent to me.
  • The Water? The cleansing power of Your written words ONLY when the Advocate pokes though my carnal pouch to produce the needed cleansing of my being.

In Essence? The Cry For “Yahushua Come Into My Heart!” Is The Message To Proclaim Right Now …

No matter what I believe or not, what I think or not, what I feel or not, “Yahushua come into my heart!” MUST be reconsidered.

  • That goes for every single created child by the Almighty Creator of everything in existence including us human beings whether or not we have pronounced such words before.
  • And that is what this thiaBasilia is to shout from the roof tops!
  • The Prophesied Great Tribulation Is At Hand, But!

This Is Only The Beginning …?

The great tribulation is at hand but for our sake those days will be shortened. Prepare edible landscape around homes to preserve us until it ends. Matthew 24 is now taking place.

Even So? It Is Useless To Prepare Unless …?

“Yahushua come into my heart!” the clear message from the Master Creator is RECONSIDERED. But it is all a spiritual matter only understood by the experience of the Creator’s written words.

The Message Is Clear …?

At 12:30 pm. At 5:00 Am At 4:55 At Every Turn Of My Way On These Days it is Clear I must deliver the message, “Yahushua come into my heart!”

  • No matter what I believe or not, what I think or not, what I feel or not, “Yahushua come into my heart!” is the message to proclaim right now.
  • Otherwise? I tremble to think of the repercussion as written in Isaiah 65:5-15.

Countless Souls Have Requested For Yahushua To Come Into Their Hearts But!

Have gone back to live a worldly life contrary to Yahushua’s commanded way to live. The grievousness of their lifestyles makes the Almighty Creator’s Spirit within my being weep.

  • How can we claim Yahushua is in our hearts but live a worldly life according to our understanding of everything in this life whether secular or religious?
  • No need for lengthy explanations, but it is written.


Matthew 18:3

And said, Truly I say to you, unless you repent (change, turn about) and become like little children [trusting, lowly, loving, forgiving], you can never enter the kingdom of heaven [at all].

Proverbs 3:5

Lean on, trust in, and be confident in the Master with all your heart and mind and do not rely on your own insight or understanding. End of quote.

  • It is obvious how leaders and followers live accordingly the power of the natural or carnal mind regardless of how the lifestyle is called.

Example From Practical Everyday Life …?

Over and over, it is believed that ‘God’ is LOVE. For Ahmad here he constantly tells me ‘He cares’—his way of saying ‘God’ is love.

  • Well? It finally came to me to immediately respond,
  • “No question about it, He cares! The question is, ‘Do you care?’. Do you intent to obey the first commandment to love Him above all and everything else or? Is it not your family, your work, the system that are most important to consume you for all practical purposes?
  • Think! O human THINK!
  • Regardless! This 2022 year is the year for individual enlightenment.

Repentance Takes A Different Sound Now by the Almighty Spirit’s Power …?

It is necessary to repent from our good lives to give way to a better life. This repentance can only take place by the power of the Creator’s Spirit at the appointed time.

  • Therefore, this message is going forth to empower each individual child in the heart and mind of the Creator to reconsider their stand and lifestyle.
  • Furthermore, this is not a pie in the sky or any invention or belief, or delusion from thiaBasilia.
  • But it is the experience not the knowledge of the Creator’s written words what thiaBasilia is experiencing right now.

The Sun Of Righteousness Arising With Healing In His Wings …

Me? It is now Wednesday, January 26, 2022, at 12:30 pm. I am closing this message grieving with the Master’s Spirit within my being to see the lack of response so far.

My Master knows that I do not intent to post until He leads me to see a glimpse of a cloud of response from His beloved children.

  • Even so? never mind thiaBasilia.

The Message Comes From The Almighty Creator Of Everything In Existence.

  • Let it all take place as per His loving will despite our wills.

May His love for all reach each heart reading this message. thiaBasilia.

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