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The Most Tragic FACT Of All The FACTS—Our Willful Intent To Take Care Of Our Own Selves!

Header Old Journal Hope BibleHearty suggestion to anyone that happens to find this BLOG: Only read one little portion at any given time as the Spirit of our Almighty Creator gives to you to read. For these words are not written for your mind to understand. Indeed! This treatise is strictly written to pierce the deepest part of your being as the Presence of our Father’s Spirit deals with the writer who happens to be this peculiar Thia.

Sickness & Medicine & Health Professionals & Hospitals—the whole Spectrum is the tragic result of our willful intentions!

From My Presence in My beloved Thia’s journal—A dialog between thia/Basilia & Master Yahuwah/ Yahushua!
Tuesday, January 11, 2011 (2:07 am)
O my Master You have a reason for everything that happens to us. You know why sickness and adversities attack us continuously. Teach us our Master to overcome all of these things accordingly to Your will not our will! For our will only aims to get well without weighting the matter of the root cause of it all! But Your will in the other hand is to teach and convict us of our inability to really take care of our own selves!
So sickness strikes us and we run to the doctor! The doctor in his turn prescribes a medication to us to relieve the symptoms and we get temporary relief of whatever symptom but at the cost of risking a reaction of our bodies to such prescription. And so it goes!
Try this med or the other and by the time it’s all over our bodies are so confused it bugles our minds and it’s a never ending chain of events until we are relinquished to a hospital which it’s only the beginning of another vicious circle of tests after tests to find out one thing after the other but never a real solution to the perfect balance of our bodies and minds!
In the meantime the hospitals consumed every dime in our possession leaving us in the poverty line! For the sad fact is that the hospitals along the organized Churches are perhaps the number one of the major commercial enterprises in this world! Those two institutions can drain the largest fortune in anyone’s possession! It’s pitiful but such is the fact!
The next pitiful fact is that the physicians for the most charge some hectic fees for their services—even in countries with strict laws to regulate those fees one still have to come up with a sizable fee because those physicians in turn have to pay large sums of money to become physicians therefore the whole tragedy of sickness and disease has become a good source of income for many, many well intentioned and good hearted individuals who actually have a heart and good intentions to help people!
Such is our tragic predicament and why? Because of our willful intent to take care of our own selves rather than letting our Maker do it! And we ignore our Maker’s loving pleas to take care of us and we only relegate our Maker to an elusive deity up there who requires all the lip service that we give to such deity!
Thus such—this ingrained drive to take care of our own selves ignoring our Loving Creator Who commands us to look up to Him and depend and trust Him in the reality of our everyday existences—our Loving Creator Who has spoken to us and written His words in tablets of stone signifying the unchangeableness of such words—that same Loving Creator is relegated to that elusive deity up there who requires all the lip service that we give to such deity but we refuse to submit to His loving commandments!  Such is the most tragic FACT of all the FACTS!


  1. thia licona
    1 Nov 2015

    You make sense. Thanks for your comment. I won’t be posting for a time. Check this last post if you please. Until next time. 🙂

  2. felicityglogan
    1 Nov 2015

    I agree with most of this: God wishes us to depend upon him. That doesn’t stop us from taking into consideration any human knowledge that would be helpful, but it’s so hard to separate “helpful” from “subject to vested interest” — since not just drug companies but some of the bigger food producer groups are what I personally would rate as major commercial enterprises.
    Luckily I’m in a country where public hospitals do not bleed you dry, and in a lifetime of having belonged to a number of Christian churches, I have never been a member of any that I consider to be commercial enterprises. Rather, I’ve rubbed shoulders with down-to-earth people who don’t mind asking God’s help.
    I think the main reason we cannot manage to look after ourselves, is that Humankind, believing itself so clever, has poisoned the planet (pollution etc.) and now it is poisoning us back (cancer etc.). So many of our “advances” have had a backlash.

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