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You sent me to sleep at 9:40 am. I dreamed of of carrying a beautiful baby to her mommy. She smiled as I placed her in her mommy’s arms. I woke up at 11:38 am to look for the meaning of such happy dream. Quote:

In general, when the dream is a happy one and the dreamer is happy because they are holding a baby, the dream is a very fortunate sign, and indicates happy news and satisfaction and harmony in life.

This could often be a sign of fortunate gains the dreamer could experience in the near future.

If you had this dream, it could mean that you will soon acquire something you have longed for a long time, especially if during the dream you were happy and satisfied. A dream of holding a baby is often a sign of wealth and abundance present in your life or coming to your life soon.

For people who are expecting an answer to their romantic proposal, the dream about holding a baby is a good sign and indicates that the person will agree to meet them.

In some cases, a dream about holding a baby could be a sign of new beginning in some area of their lives, especially love or professional life. Sometimes it indicates finding a solution to a long-term problem.

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