Ready! Here Is The Sizzler Inspired To Burn—To Heal. It’s A Steal …?

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Sunday, January 12, 2020 at 5:33 am.

I was at a place like a bus depot. There was a long table with side benches. Lots of people that I was familiar with. It seems like I was there just talking to people I had flipped my shoes off. Next thing, they announced the bus was there. Many got up to take the bus, I didn’t at first but then I decided to go in the bus. I called for them to wait for me. I had a hard time putting my shoes on. By the time I got out the bus was gone. I hear a motor running and thought to be the bus turning around, but it was only a big truck. It did not bother me. I just figured I was not supposed to take that bus after all. Went back in the house or bus depot. I told them , well! I miss the bus. I woke up concerned about missing the boat because not keeping my shoes on at all times.

O My Master! I Can’t Figure Out Your Message In That Dream …?

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