Ready! Here Is The Sizzler Inspired To Burn—To Heal. It’s A Steal …?

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Saturday, January 11, 2020 at 2:57 pm.

Surely, I am so glad I am not You! Just to think about Your decrees makes me tremble, but! You are so good to me. When I get to trembling at the sight of Your decrees, You quickly do whatever to steady my knees.

  • This time? Yesterday You quickly answered my agonizing ‘what gives, my Master’?
  • Your words soothed and calmed my soul, but then?
  • You threw a sizzler my way.
  • Me? Your Queen?
  • That revelation threw me into a shocking spin until right now.

Just a few minutes ago I took a break to eat and digest the words You are speaking to me right now. Well? My doings when it comes to social etiquette leave much to be desired. So? As I am eating like would be classified like a ‘savage’ including licking my fingers and the works. Suddenly! This thing about being a Queen came to mind. Dignify? O mine, Master? Do that mean I’ll have to ‘behave’? and I’ll have to act instead of being spontaneous and humorous? O no! You’ll have to hide me! I won’t be able to go as I please for fear of shaming You. O no! that sure is something I am not looking forward to. Just as suddenly? My concepts about how I ought to be came crashing down. It came to me”:

Dignity Got Nothing To Do With The Defined Stifling ‘Social Grace’ I Know …

Saturday, January 11, 2020 at 10:38 pm.

Going to bed at 3:39 pm. Had a day of glee, but! I sensed it ending at that time. I went to bed hoping for Ahmad to surprise me with his visit. Well? I slept on and off until 8 pm. Stay in bed under covers still hoping for a visit that did not happen.

No Problem Anymore. Got Up. Composed Myself. Fixed Drink And Eats …

Tried the Internet. Not yet. What to do, my Master? I have somewhat of an idea for the next graphic, but I can’t work without the Internet. What are You teaching me now?

The heat is on but I am cold. My eats did sit too good in my belly. I don’t feel good. I’m beginning to sense tears. I’m not sleepy. I cannot stop wondering why Ahmad has not shown up or called. Perhaps he is out of town. Bless him wherever he is at.

Whatever happens next is all under Your loving control. I refuse to fret about it. You are here with me. You know exactly how to work all things for my good and Ahmad and my children and all of my concern’s good.

I rest and wait on You with greater confidence than ever before.

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